Back home from Turkey

 Thank you all so much for the mobility in Turkey. We had marvelous time. The pupils got to know each other and are all ready missing their friends. And we teachers miss you all, too. I hope we meet again soon. Meanwhile we could do some eTwinnigprojects... I actually am looking for a partner to do a project on German, with pupils that are just starting the language. Give me a hint if you know someone.

I loaded some more movies to the Twinspace. Our pupils took so many photos that we can remember every little detail of the trip, and its great. Absolutely great to remember all those happy moments.

We did a flash mob in our school the first day we arrived home, we just started to dance the Turkish dance in the lunch area and everyone joined in as soon as they finnished eating. That was fun. I think we might try it again one day. It grows the feeling of togetherness in our school.


With love, yours Katri



Our puppet play "The Golden Apple"

Some time ago some of our students wrote puppet plays for the puppets we brought back from the Czech Republic. One of those plays was "The Golden Apple". We played it several times in our kindergarten. Now we have recorded and subtitled it so you could also watch and enjoy.

It can be found here:


The song of Europe on a String

 I loaded the notes of the song in our school's file archieve. Please, write yours school's own words for the song in your own language. Our verse is about friendship, How it joins different countries together ja how we can sing together. 



Yours Katri Juusola

Our project as an example of the new curriculum 2016

 The making of the Puppets became an interest to Finnish textileteachers. They asked for an interview from our school and made a story in their magazine that every textileteacher in Finland gets each month. 

Our new curriculum emphasizes gowork with teachers and that we did by working together, I, the textileteacher, and Jani, the technical teacher. We also used hard materials like wood and soft materials like wool and fabric. The pupils did things together as a group and they enjoyed the process. 


This was a very good experience, as well as a test, how we can work together to fullfill the requirements of the new reformed curriculum in  autumn 2016. 


I load the picture of the story in our school's picturegallery, it's in Finnish, but there is a picture of two Kaarlo Tauno Aleksateries.


see you soon in Turkey, Yours, Katri

The notes of Finland 17.1.2015 is uploaded in the mobility in Fin

 The notes written in the last meeting in Finland mobility is loaded in the file archieve in the Finland mobility pages.  yours, Katri

Our mobility to Finland is on national news website



The news is about -34 degrees and how Finnish pupils still play outside. And our Comenius mobility is mentioned, how the pupils from seven countries, even Spain and Turkey will come to our school this week. What they will think of the freezing weather. Also the Comenius program is mentioned and explained shortly.

Puppet making and our new puppet theatre.

 Good day to everyone in the project, I hope you are all as excited about our next mobility as we are all here in Tyneview Primary School.


Our older children have been working hard on making our puppets for you all, while our younger children are working on the clothes. It is all of the children's work , so we are very proud of their efforts.


See you all soon.



The start of the Project year

 A very interesting Project year has started! We have chosen a group of pupils who plan and work with the Project once a week with two teachers. This group will design and make puppets as well as plan the activities the whole school will join. 

It's almost summer holiday. Yippee!

 Now it's time to look back and see where we are now with the project. What I see is a very successful project that has enriched our school. We have studied many things through puppet and through different stories. There is a video in the Twinspace where you all can learn a bit about Sami culture. Sunny holidays! Yours, Katri

Local puppet master visits Mammaste School

On 30th April Mammaste School was visited by a local puppet master Heino Hiiesalu and some of his puppets. Mr Hiiesalu talked about making the puppets and playing with them. He also showed some of the puppets in action. The pupils who had gathered to meet him had the chance to ask him questions and try out the puppets themselves.

Pictures and videos are in ou school's folder.

Estonian webpage of special mobility to Belgium

On this address - - you can find an overview of our trip to Belgium. Just click on the link "Belgia". At the moment the page is in Estonian.



28.2. is the day of Finnish Culture and Kalevala, our epos.

 Our 5th and 6th year pupils studied our national Epos Kalevala. They also prepared some plays and art displays of the subject. One of the plays was a puppet show, where Väinämöinen plays the kannel, Finnish traditional instrument with strings, so well that all the animal came to listen. You can see the puppet play in our page in Twinspace, it's in Finnish.  

San Fernando 4º grade celebrates Carnival

Hello dear friends and colleagues from Spain.

My name is Emilia and  I am a primary teacher in San Fernando school.My pupils are 9 years old 

and today we have been celebrating Carnival.

Carnival is important for us, because all the families come to the school to see the students´ costumes and our show is very popular and beautiful. 

The topic for this year was "Puppets" and fourth graders  dressed up as wizards and fairies, a traditional puppet in spanish plays. We enjoyed it a lot although the weather was very bad (cold and rainy), that´s the reason why we couldn´t dance in the playground (like other years) and we had to dance in the gym. 

Our coordinator, Juan Jesús,  will show you all the photos around this important event in our school, a  good oportunity to speak about Comenius project to the families and visitors. 

Tomorrow we don´t have to work althoug it´s a labour day, so we begin a long weekend to have a rest. 

Happy Carnival from Spain.


Introduction video

I put a video link under our school name (Mammaste Lasteaed ja Kool) under Project Activities. This video introduces our school from the outside and inside.

The Sami culture is part of our school's culture

 The national Sami day is 6.2. We celebrated the day 7.2. Last year all our school enjoyed Sami culture, Some went icefishing, some went to see reindeer, some made traditional Sami handicrafts etc. This year we had workshops at school the reindeer and Sami artists came to us. We also read some Sami fairy tales and made puppet theatre of them. The fairy tales " How reindeer became tame", "Why the mother had a bear's paw on one foot" and "How the poor boy got his livestock" are traditional Sami stories.

 Later our Puppet theatre workshop will prepare a longer Puppet play with Puppets that are made for that occasion. You can see the videos from the 7.2. Workshop day and the Puppet theatre video in the Twinspace as well as some photos in the photogallery of the new Puppet show (The making of the Sami Saga1-3)

The start of the year 2014


Happy this year to everyone. Our Project work has been very active a week before Christmas and now at the start of the new term. I've loaded some new video clips for you to see what we are doing.

We are planning the ways to teach the curriculum through puppets and I have started to use them in the English class room. At first we'll just try short dialogues that are in our studybook, maybe later we can write our own dialogues in English. I'm so wainting to see how this project goes on, I personally find this so interesting and motivating. 

Some new video clips..

 I loaded some new video clips. Wellcome and have a look our puppet's small video, where he tells who he is and see how our 5th year pupils enjoy snow and wishes you a merry Christmas. 

Voting for logos (2)


Hi all,

As made by Hatice, please download your excel file about vote, and upload a new one by adding (done) at the end of the name of the file. This is on the subfolder named "B - Votes about logos".

Then, step by step, I will complete the file named "Result of votes" on the subfolder named "C - Official logo of our European partnership".

Have a good day,


Czech dates

I have replied to Eva's doodle regarding the next mobility, apologies for the delay.


We have important government exams May 12th - May 16th, we would not be able to make a mobility before these dates.


May 19th - May 23rd is our last week of term, this week would be ideal for us.



Project diary and Cimo Blog

 Hi, I wrote a diary entry and hopefully it is published, because I didn't find the button that says publish... The Cimo in Finland is publishing a Blog that is about different projects now going on in Finland. We decided to write about our project, too. I'm sending the first text this week and another in January. 

Yours, Katri

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