Meeting in Gozo


 4-9 November 2013 - Mobility to Gozo Malta 




Students' workshops on "Robotics in history, literature and art" and "Robot programming"












French students presentations about Isaac Asimov and I Robot movie during the mobility to Gozo (click on the page to change it)


Isaac Asimov:



I Robot movie:



Spanish students in Poitiers


During the week of the 16th September 2013 we had in France 15 Sanish students and 2 teachers. It was the second part of the last year exchange that took place in Aranjuez, in Spain, where Spanish, Italian and French students could meet and do some comon activities descibed in our last year blog:

You can see here some photos of this meeting (just click on the picture to change the page).


Preparation of material to be used with partners

Students are currently busy working on presentations and other material to be used during the week long meeting between all partners to be held in Gozo between Monday 4th and Saturday 9th November 2013.



Students working on the Presentation about Gozo

Students working on a new presentation about Gozo together with Ms. Gen Eve Refalo


Robots in Art preparation

A form 5 student starting work on 'Not only Numbers' Mixed media on wood panel



Students working on a Robots in art Exhibition.



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