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European Quality Label - Croatia

European Quality Label - Croatia

Quality Label - Croatia


The Sixth Comenius Meeting in Italy

Un grupo de tres alumnas y tres alumnos de 6º de Primaria de nuestro Colegio, acompañados por las maestras Carolina G., Fátima y el maestro Dimas, se encuentran en la localidad italiana de Moncalvo, en el norte de Italia.

Se trata de una visita de una semana al Colegio de dicha localidad, que participa junto con nosotros y otros cinco países más en un Proyecto Comenius. Es una experiencia de gran valor educativo y de enriquecimiento personal para todos los participantes, y muy especialmente para los seis alumnos/as que han tenido la suerte de viajar a Italia en esta ocasión.

Six students and three teachers from Spain are at school's partner in Moncalvo.

This is our six mobility, where we could share our games and traditional sports with our partners from seven different countries. 





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Our students at Seville Airport


Welcoming ceremony

Spanish Team.

Hi from Moncalvo!


The Second Comenius Meeting in Poland
Future Classroom Lab workshop - Brussels

FCLLast month I attended the Future Classroom Lab workshop. It was very interesting and enjoyable.

The two-day workshop "Creative use of multimedia and games in the classroom" was held  from 29 to 30 April 2014 in Brussels (European Schoolnet - EUN office). Twenty-five participants from eight European countries were provided with the possibility to exchange experiences about the creative use of multimedia and games in the classroom.

The participants of the workshop were greeted with welcome words by the representatives of the European Schoolnet - Elina Jokisalo, a Communications Officer, and Benjamin Hertz, Project Coordinator FCL.

Educators and teachers from eight European countries (Czech Republic, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Croatia), kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, beginners, experienced and awarded eTwinners, teachers of different subjects, working on different platforms and different devices, Web 2.0 tools, multimedia, games, projects... all these elements were successfully managed in an exquisitely equipped classroom and chaired by Kurt Klynen, an experienced educator specializing in multimedia.

The workshop is designed to help teachers develop the idea of using multimedia in education. The participants were developing skills needed for the innovative use of text, audio, images, animations, videos and educational games in their daily work with students. They were provided with the opportunity to experiment and share their ideas on the application of the elements of multimedia in teaching and learning. Particular emphasis was placed on the use of multimedia projects, and the working language was English. A pleasant working environment exuded professionalism, collaboration, activity, respect and participants’ curiosity with the option of choosing tools, devices and partners in accordance with their own preferences.



Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes enabled me to participate in this workshop by awarding me the national Comet 2013 award for the best eTwinning project in Croatia, in the category of higher grades of primary school. The possibility of professional training abroad and participating in this excellent workshop presents an unforgettable experience to me and also a special honour because I was the only participant from Croatia. It is very interesting and exciting to experience all the diversity of possibilities that technology offers today, although the present level of technical equipment of Croatian schools does not provide the ability to fully take advantage of them. The workshop gave me plenty of ideas for creative and innovative design of curricular and extracurricular activities that can be applied immediately, while some features have to wait for better days.

After the workshop we had enough time for sightseeing the Brussels centre. The first day a dinner was organized at the Hard Rock Cafe at impressive Grand Place, the central square. Informal socializing with colleagues from other countries is an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and learn about different cultures.

This was my first eTwinning mobility but hopefully not the last. For the first time I had the opportunity to take advantage of direct talks with eTwinners from several European countries, to hear their opinions and experiences, and discuss ideas and develop plans for future projects.

The next day was a holiday, May 1st, so I decided to extend the stay in Brussels for another day and was able to see a bit more of the new European capital. Atomium, huge metal molecules built as a Belgian exhibit for the World Expo in 1958, which has become a symbol of Brussels, remained in special memory because I was surprised when I entered and was greeted in Croatian language. Also unforgettable were Parc du Cinquantenaire and Parc Leopold but the greenhouses Serres Royales in Parc de Laeken left unsurpassed impression on me. They are open only three weeks in the year and that just happened to be during my stay in Brussels. By entering into these greenhouses I found myself in an odorous world of various azaleas, rhododendrons, fuchsias, geraniums, hydrangeas, palm trees and exotic plants.

The whole journey, the workshop and the informal part, represents an excellent way of training and broadening one’s horizon. Let's hope that soon a larger number of educational professionals will be able to participate in the eTwinning mobilities which open the door to a new dimension of Croatian education system and connect it with the educational systems of European countries.

Special thank you to Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes for making this experience happen and for organizing everything perfectly.


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Disemination in Croatia

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OŠ Vladimira Nazora Pribislavec Croatia

Autumn in stries and poems

The Second Comenius Meeting in Poland







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