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WALK OF FAME -partner countries

Popplet with the final product

The Popplet with the final product of our project. It was done by all international groups. We created 5 accounts, one for each international group so there was one login and a password for each internatonal group. As a result we have a final product with the links to all presentations done during the project.



All groups presentations divided into five cathegories


All works of group1 musicians/bands you can see here:


All works of group 2 sportsmen/sportwomen you can see here:


All works of group 3 actors/actresses you can see here:


All works of group 4 book/film character you can see here:


All works of group 5 well-known people from the past you can see here:

Presentations of Polish group

We used glogster, power point and prezi to present the heroes and idols of Polish teenagers.


Polish team - our prezis

Prezi by Polish students

Power point presentations by Polish team

 Slideshare was used to publish our power point presentations



Presentations of the Czech team

We also used a lot of new ICT tools such as Prezi, Glogster, Slideshare. It was a great challenge to work in a big group. Thank you, our dear partners for your patience and great cooperation.


 all that we used as an application is entirely new to my students are very excited to discover and use:Slaideshare, glogster ,prezi, poplet....

Thank you Malgozia for the organization and coordination



The Spanish team used Glogster as an ICT tool

It's been a wonderful tool, as our students' presentations look full of colour and seem to be 'alive'.


Here you can see some examples:




Presentations by Greek team

The Spanish team made their presentations on Prezi

 This is the new ICT tool students learnt to use. It's more or less like Powerpoint, but it seems to be more modern.


These are some examples:



Powerpoint presentations by the Spanish team

The first type of ICT tool students used was Powerpoint. They already knew how to use it, but they learned more uses of the tool and improved their own ICT skills.


Pearltree to collect all the sources and materials needed

We decided on Pearltrees to use it to collect all sources and materials for the presentations about idols and heroes of teenagers. All groups of students responsible for chosen tasks were looking for and adding the materials to the pearltree. This pearltree is our common work.

Click on a pearl and go further to see how wonderful work we have done!



walkoffame and group 1 musicians/bands / group 2 sportsmen/sportswomen / group 3 actors/actresses in (walkoffame)

Collect what you like from your Android devices thanks to the Pearltrees' app
The students were taught different ICT tools for collecting and selecting materials on the Net

To prepare a presentation it is a good idea to collect the materials first and than to decide which of them are really useful. You can use different  ICT tools to do it. There are some examples prepared for you to see how different programmes work. You can easily register and try to use each of them, too. If you have a problem or a question, don't hesitate to ask your teacher.

Let's collect, select and share!


1. Scoop


the example



2. Pearltree



the example  

Partner schools-Walk of Fame - eTwinning projects in walkof fame (walkoffame1)

Organize your interests with the Pearltrees' app for Android



3. Popplet


the example


Chosen idols and heroes of teenagers and ICT tools

We divided ourselves in 5 international groups with one teacher responsible for each group


The special care was given to copyright. Each student should know the rules and respect them!!!




Show me your school

 Gimnazjum nr 3 in Włocławek, Poland

Gymnazium Kromeriz

Tunisian school

3rd High School, Corinth, Greece


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Collegio International Eurovillas, Madrid, Spain


Voki introductions

To have some fun we chose Voki to introduce ourselves


Spanish students:

Tunisian students:

Czech students:

Greek students:

Polish students:


They also wrote on FORUM about themselves. There were comments and chances to make friends.

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