Introduce yourself

Hi! how are you? Great to meet you in this marvellous project! The very first activity for everybody is introduce yourself. We need to know each other, because we are going to do a long way together!

So please, introduce yourself in a funny way

  • First of all, go to your profile on our twinspace and write something about you: Name, age, hobbies, and so on. Then put in contact with other European students writing a comment in their profile. It’s easy!


  • Now it’s time to use some web 2.0 tool. Choose one of these activities and introduce you into ENGLISH or LATIN:

·        Creating a "speaking" avatar. You can use Voki bor, if you prefer,  Blabberize.

·        Creating an online poster or "glog" (Glogter)

·        Creating a videopresentation with images. For this, you can use Shwup, Bookr, Stupeflix, even Animoto, Sliderocket...


When you have finished, you have to copy the embed code and paste it in the relevant page of our wiki (see below of this page) . To do it, choose HTML font in the toolbar and paste the embed code. Finally save the page.


1.      If  you study Latin, you can do this activity on  Voicethread, filling up the attached document with your teacher’s help and recording your voice clicking the button "comments"! Would you be able to do it? ;-)

Si Latinam linguam discis , hoc pensum agere potes in Voicethread. Comple hoc documentum cum auxilio tui/ae magistri/ae et tuam vocem incide, pulsans globulum "Comments" ! Poterisne id agere?


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Latin Introductions from Turkey

Tunahan from Turkey
Merve From Turkey
Beyza nur PALABAŞ


Baran Birden



Hello :)
Hi! I am Gamze
Introduce myself

My Animoto

hi I am okan

Hİ. I am Okan

hello I am eren

Hello everyone!

It is my life

Ahmet Eray
Hi.I am aybars



my life

my life :)

smile :)

smile :)

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