Initial Questionnaires

 Why questionnaires?



In the initial stage of our project, we need to find out more about the participating students. Therefore, the project team has prepared three questionnaires for them.

The first one is about teenagers' lifestyle. It will enable them to know more about how their European peers live, feel and think.

The second quiz focuses on students' attitude towards Maths, because that is what we hope to address and improve in our project.

Finally, the third and most intriguing one aims to allow the students (and teachers) in the project discover their dominating types of intelligence, somethingthat will alow us all to empower our teaching and learning of Mathematics.

See the quizzes below.

Questionnaire 3-Multiple intelligence test


Questionnaires results

Can Math be fun?


The results of the questionnaires can already be seen! Students' answers about their attitude concerning Maths are here and the ones about teenagers' lifestiles here. 

There is a lot to find out about our students and how they perceive Mathematics and learning in general, what motivates them and what doesn't. 

A good point is that many of them already enjoy learning Maths. We only have to convince the others. We hope we will be up to this task! 



Overall results of the MI tests with conclusions

Overall Results for the MI Tests With Conclusions

MI test results from Italy
MI test results from Ávila
MI test results from Bucharest
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