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AIMS- Alternatives for Innovative Maths Study is a two years long Comenius-eTwinning project involving schools from seven European countries: France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Spain. The age of the participating students is 11-16. The project is inspired from Gardner's theory on multiple intelligences and focused on motivating and empowering pupils for studying Math by a student-centered approach. 

You can find more about our project on this page or in this flyer.


 One of the project's final products: the teachers' guide. 

More final products on our blog




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Our Project's logo

During the meeting in Italy, the participants have voted for the logo that will represent our project. Out of the seven finalists, one from every country, the one created by the Matera team was declared a winner. It's a nice work and has a lot of ideas that represent the aims of....AIMS. 

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