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These are our school webpages and other spaces we are using for the dissemination of our project: 


Our blog


Our wiki


Polish website


Greek school webpage


Presentation Andrei
New teams from Amsterdam

Here you can find our new teams. Some teammembers were already in the project, but we have some new ones!!



Liceo Classico Duni-Matera
Project team 7C, Bucharest
Project team 7C, Bucharest


The city of Thessaloniki

A presentation of my city, Thessaliniki

from Nikoleta Giagkoudi

The Quotes team from Italy


Sometimes other people's words help us to understand ourselves better! 

The Typically Italian team


Food, food, food to make their European friends taste the typically Italian

Acuna Matata team from Italy


Music is their world and the best way to express their feelings

Carpe Diem team from Italy



Tell me what books you read and I'll tell you who you are ...

The Movies team from Italy


        THE MOVIES TEAM: their favourite movies offered the occasion to tell about themselves


Colour team from Italy



THE COLOUR TEAM: they have unveiled their personality through COLOURS

MI and Me, Lara
MI and Me, Alvaro
MI and Me, Laura L.
MI and Me, Sofía
MI and Me, Alicia
MI and Me, Lucía
MI and Me, Laura G.
MI and Me, Carmen

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