Grandparents and grandchildren - january



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Posted on 14/01/14 20:43.

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Kindergarten no. 1 in Myszków - Poland

kindly invites

to the International Photo Competition

„Pre-schooler in a photo camera”

under the patronage of mayor of Myszków


 Aims of the competition:


  • depicting the beauty of kindergarten
  •  presentation of plays and hobbies of pre-schoolers from various countries
  •  popularization of children’s photos
  •  promoting photography among teachers


Rules of the competition: 


1.        The competition is addressed to all the kindergarten teachers.

2.      Each kindergarten can send as an attachment to an e-mail 1 PHOTO . In the message there should be written: title of the photo, name and surname of the teacher, address of the kindergarten, country, telephone number. The photos are to be sent to:

3.      The deadline for sending photos is February 7th 2014.

4.      Photographs will be assessed by independent jury appointed by organisators. Decision of the jury is final and cannot be changed.

5.      The results of the competition will be announced on February 20th 2014.

6.      The winners of the competition will be informed about the verdict via e-mail.

7.     Rules of the competition as well as its results will be published on websites:,   and on eTwinning portal.                

 8.      Participants of the competition agree on processing personal data and photos for the purpose of the competition „Pre-schooler in a photo camera”.

9.      Certificates and prizes will be sent via mail.

10.  On request teachers will get certificates of attendance in the competition, which will be sent via e-mail.

11.  The competition is held within the European eTwinning project “Pre-schooler in a photo camera”. The partners of the project are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

12.  The author and coordinator of the competition is Elżbieta Sobolewska (PL) –



Grandparents Day Kindergarten in Kruszwica


For Grandma and Grandpa
Grandparents and grandchildren
Poland - Myszków - Grandparents and grandchildren
Poland - Myszków- Small grandchildren for Grandma and Grandpa-:-)
Poland - Myszków - Grandparents and grandchildren
Poland - Myszków - Feast of Grandma and Grandpa :-)
Our visit at old pepole´s home

 n first days of january we go to home for the elderly.

We was together with adults from nearby  catholic parish at home of elderity,we wanted to make old people happy. Adults red form a Bible about t born of little Jesus. Next we had performation, named"Way to Bethlehem". 


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Poland - Myszkow - For Grandma and Grandpa :-)
Poland - Myszkow - The day of the Grandfather and Grandmother :-)

Bulgaria - Pleven 


 The day of the Grandmother (Babinden).  It is an old traditional holiday honored to the grandmothers. It is celebrated on the 21st of January. It is also the day of the maternity nurses. That is because in the past there were no maternity nurses in the villages and the old ladies (the grandmother) were the only to be able to help the pregnant women with the process of giving birth to the children. The aim of this holiday is to  respect and honor the grandmothers, who used to help young women give birth to their children. Sometimes the grandmother can take care for the baby in the first days before the mother is strong enough to do it alone. Moreover, if the grandmother was not there to help, in some cases the mother giving birth could have died.

On this day women and her children, age one to three years old, go to the fountain in the center og the village. They pour water into special container and put some herbs in it. Then go to the grandmother (the maternity nurse) house. Then every lady wash the grandmother’s hands and give her a towel as a present. On the other side, the grandmother tie a red thread on the right hand of the children, she gave birth to. After that she washes the eyes of the child with water. It is said, that on this day the water, that come through the hands of the grandmother, is magic.

Another tradition related to this day is that young women should bring food to the grandmother’s home. It is appropriate to bring home-made bread, cooked chicken, vine. The young women kiss the grandmother’s hand and give her the food. All the women sing songs and dance around the table traditional dances called “horo”.  The grandmother sings songs and gives special spells for more children to be born, for health and prosperity. Only after the lunch is finished the men are allowed to come.

Poland - Myszkow

Poland - Myszków :-)

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