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Registered on 19.08.2013 (opened on 25.09.2012)




Portugal - Manuela Correia (founder)

Norway - Thomas Herlofsen (founder)

Latvia - Tanja Gvozdeva





- What would life be without sound? In "Soundtrackers" our team will try to enhance and enrich pictures with sound. We will produce, record and edit the sounds and create the soundtrack for short animation movies.  




Music, Art, Foreign Languages, ICT, Multimedia







Pupil's age

10 to 15



Tools to be used

Chat, email, TwinSpace, Forum, MP3, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Web publishing, Video-conference




Develop imagination and creativity; develop ICT and English skills; contact with recording tools; learn about sound editing; learn how to express ideas and feelings; respect different ideas.


Work process


This project will last one school year (2013-2014) divided in three trimesters. Different groups may work on each trimester.

1-Students have to prepare two ‘banks’: a “sound bank” and a “movie bank”.

2-“Movie Bank”: Pupils will create short animations to upload into the “Movie Bank”. This bank can also include short scene cuts from famous movies (old movies and/or Disney animations, for example).

3-“Sound Bank”: Students will try different ways to produce interesting sounds and record them. These sounds will be produced with musical instruments, voices, disposal materials or by any other creative means and recorded with students’ mobile phones or other appropriate devices. The sounds uploaded may have been recorded live and/or edited afterwards (on Audacity, for instance). Students are free to use and manipulate all the sounds of the “Sound Bank”.

4-All sounds or animations produced must be uploaded into the respective 'banks' in order to be shared with and used by the other project participants.

5-Each student (or group of students) will choose at least one animation to put sound on.

6-Students should preferably use the sounds of the “Sound Bank” but, in case they can’t find a way to produce a specific sound they need, they can always ask their project partners to create some new ones, try to make the sounds themselves (always upload them into the “Sound Bank”) and/or use sounds from free websites.

7-To present their work, each student (or group of students) should create a small movie mixing the animation chosen with the correspondent ‘soundtrack' created.

8-Teachers and students will give feedback on their project activities on TwinSpace or by any other means of communication.

9-Each school will also present itself, its country/town to the other school(s) involved through a small movie/PowerPoint presentation or by any other means. Teachers can also schedule some Skype sessions.

10-A blog/website will be created to present the final works.




Expected results

An exquisite collection of short movies with fantastic soundtracks!  


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