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SOUNDTRACKER project presentation on online international conference

Dear partners

on April 2014 we have an opportunity take part in Learning Revolution Conference !!!! for share about our project experience with all creative teachers on the World.

(thanks my earlier entwining project partner - Grazina Likpetriene, who invite me to session that she apply)


Our presentation theme:

"eTwinning: creativity and innovation through collaboration"





During the conference I share our SOUNDTRACKER project idea and how we realize it and what agout it think my students.  My students was near me and they help me prepare my presentation! 


Our presentation recording you can still see here:


Your suggestions, comments, ... are welcome :)

maybe on next 2015 year conference we can do one special presentation about our project and results ...



What is Learning Revolution conference? 


You can read about it on they homepage:



"We are pleased to announce the Learning Revolution Conference, online and free, April 21 - 24, 2014. Our goal is to bring together people who are thinking about learning from our important learning places: the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional, and home learning worlds.

We want to explore and bridge the conversations about learning that are common to these worlds, including: learning theory, learning practice, learning science, learning space design, and technology for learning. What are we "learning about learning?" The Internet is shifting the boundaries of these worlds and we believe that they will increasingly overlap and integrate. We also believe that conversations across these boundaries are critical to framing and preparing for the learning revolution starting to take place."

New tool


Look what I learned from another partner! 




  Nice tool, hum? 
We are the girls from Portugal


We are the third group from Portugal! 



PT team

Listen how funny our names are!


PT team 2 decided to manipulate their names... and their faces in a funny way! Enjoy! 

Funny Names
View more presentations or Upload your own.
The faces were transformed online on LUNAPIC. For the names, they worked on Audacity and they used only four EFFECTS: change pitch, change tempo, reverse and paulstretch. Try it! It's fun!!! 
Welcome to explore RIGA !


Pinterest board made by Riga students.

This board is still not ready !

But searching and collecting information go not so fast - so we decide publish what we already done.

Every week we will add more and more information .. so - come back soon :)


Enjoy a RIGA virtually !!! and if you will like what you see - come to visit us really :)))))


:) Tanja and Riga team!


Follow the link:



Welcome to RIGA :)

Welcome to RIGA! made by animation class students. 

Used selfmade drawings and free iPad application iMotion D


Rīgas Skolēnu pils

Welcome to visit our school - Children and Youth Educational Free Time Center "Rīgas Skolēnu pils" 

"Rīgas Skolēnu pils" mean "Riga student's palace"

Established in 1941 as state institution.

Today we have here about 65 different clubs (music, dance, art, sport, technic, languages, history, ..) wheree study about 3800 students.

We are the biggest Educational free Time Center in Riga!


Welcome to see some clubs that we visited and made a photos for show you our school :)


Listen to our school


Hi partners!

 Listen to our school!  



We got inspired by Mussorsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition". Alberto composed the musical theme and we all played it on the xylophones. The score is in the File Archive of the "How we did it" page. We wrote it on MUSINK.


Hope you like it! 

PT team


Creepy names!


Listen to our creepy names! 


Introduction test with Google document

 Hello partners :)


I just make a test - how to introduce with Google document.

Google document allow add picture and link


So I add my picture and link to Soundcloud (soundcloud shared link)

I make a document visible only to persons, who know a link

so this document will be in secret place !


And everything id ONLINE ! not problems with storage :)


Just hearing sound is a little not so interesting as hear it together with photo !!!! :)


What you think ?

:) Tanja



PT students had fun with VOKI!









Norwegian students introduce themselves


 Hi Norwegian team!


I'm amazed, your English is fantastic! 

Nice work! 

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