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PT 5th graders made animations too


Hi partners!


Today I uploaded 5 short stopmotion animations made by some of our younger pupils from class 5A (10-11 years old).



They used mainly little pieces taken from old machines or devices and floppy disks (diskettes, remember those?). They also used their own mobile phones to take the pictures.

Art and Crafts teacher LĂ­gia Oliveira helped them (just a tiny bit) on her class. 


You can download the animations from our MOVIE BANK or follow the Youtube links below.


Breakdance by Rosa Santos

Snowman Dance by Pedro A.

Happy Sheep by Helena Barros

Thirsty Dog by Nuno Rualde

Cute Cat by Nadia Santos


Hope they inspire someone!... 

PT team



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Congratulation Portugal team !!!! emoticon
is it easy ?!
You also can make a wonderful animations !!!

next step - make them a little more complicated - think about story - what could happen with your characters .. what could make them to be happy .. or sad .. how they feel to meet each other in one film !!!

Posted on 24/04/14 19:51.

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