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Latvia team animations

 That are our last animations all together

We could send more, but maybe will be too much ...



Kids are always so waiting the sounds !!! they always ask me about when the new sounds will be ready :)

Thank you Portugal and Norway team !!! You make my artists happy :)

Can not imagine how we will surive when our project will come to end ...



Funny man

Film idea and animation: Daniels Pupurāns



Annoying snow

Film idea and animation:  Daniels Pupurāns


Wolf 2

Film idea and animation: Alona Zinkevica


Fox love

Film idea and animation: Beate Balode


Picture shout

Film idea and animation: Karlina Knezina


Wolf 2 (maybe we will change it to something more meaningfull)

Film idea and animation: Alona Zinkevica


:) Tanja




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Great work! My final team won't be ready to work on these for quite a while, if at all (They have two other projects; one is close to finished, the other is slowing down, I still don't know if they can find the time to do this). But I believe Manuela has another group ready to go!

Posted on 15/03/14 21:40.

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Yes. I'm with my last group now (only girls). They should be 8 but only 5 are coming...
I'll be with them only on Thursdays until Easter. After that we'll have more days in the week. Hope they work well.
Tomorrow (20/3) they will choose one LV animation to work on.

Posted on 19/03/14 23:37 in reply to Thomas Herlofsen.

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Thanks Tanja! My new team will choose some of the LV animations to work on tomorrow. Unfortunately I think we won't have enough time to work with all the animations... but let's wait and see how the work goes on...

Posted on 19/03/14 23:40.

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We understand you Thomas and Manuela ! Just if you have time and possibilities do it !! We already have a great examples. emoticon

Posted on 20/03/14 08:01.

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