Soundtrackers wins the National Prize 2014 in Portugal


 Soundtrackers is the winner of the Portuguese eTwinning Prizes 2014!


Note: "3.º ciclo" category is the equivalent to the 12-15 category.


Congratulations, Portuguese team! 



And the European Quality Label goes to...








Soundtrackers - finalist in Latvia


SOUNDTRACKERS is considered one of the best six projects in Latvia. It's in the final six list!

eTwinning Latvia



Congratulations, Latvian team!



And the Quality Label goes to... (3)





 CONGRATULATIONS, Portuguese Team!!! 


And the Quality Label goes to... (2)



Congratulations, Latvian team! 
And the Quality Label goes to...






Congratulations, Norwegian team! 



PT 5th graders made animations too


Hi partners!


Today I uploaded 5 short stopmotion animations made by some of our younger pupils from class 5A (10-11 years old).



They used mainly little pieces taken from old machines or devices and floppy disks (diskettes, remember those?). They also used their own mobile phones to take the pictures.

Art and Crafts teacher Lígia Oliveira helped them (just a tiny bit) on her class. 


You can download the animations from our MOVIE BANK or follow the Youtube links below.


Breakdance by Rosa Santos

Snowman Dance by Pedro A.

Happy Sheep by Helena Barros

Thirsty Dog by Nuno Rualde

Cute Cat by Nadia Santos


Hope they inspire someone!... 

PT team



PT class 6D3 starts work

  Today PT class 6D3 started their work.

First step: choosing the Latvian animation. 



PT team

Welcome to Riga animation

Welcome to Riga !
animation team names I will add next week

Latvia team animations

 That are our last animations all together

We could send more, but maybe will be too much ...



Kids are always so waiting the sounds !!! they always ask me about when the new sounds will be ready :)

Thank you Portugal and Norway team !!! You make my artists happy :)

Can not imagine how we will surive when our project will come to end ...



Funny man

Film idea and animation: Daniels Pupurāns



Annoying snow

Film idea and animation:  Daniels Pupurāns


Wolf 2

Film idea and animation: Alona Zinkevica


Fox love

Film idea and animation: Beate Balode


Picture shout

Film idea and animation: Karlina Knezina


Wolf 2 (maybe we will change it to something more meaningfull)

Film idea and animation: Alona Zinkevica


:) Tanja




Yup, we did get them, Manuela!

 Grade 6 got Christmas cards from Portugal last Christmas and I was going to post a picture. I forgot,  and thought I had lost the cards. But today I found them, so we took this picture with class 6A.



Hello eTwinners :)

 Beate from Latvia team send you HELLO mesage :)


Happy Valentine's day :) from Latvia team !



Film author: Beate Balode :)



Project website is now online!


click on the image



Some new animations from Latvia !

Treasure hunter

Olivers Robs



Aļona Zinkevica



Emilija Zaltsmane


Beautiful World

Arturs Aigars


Rabbit Agent 007

Demjan Pahomov



will be more ...

:) Tanja

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014

Video-Conference PT-NO-LV


        - It was AMAZING!!!        

 Last Thursday we had the chance to talk - LIVE - with our project partners! 

Here's a summary of this fantastic experience, Portuguese side: 



PT Soundtrackers team 



First movies

 Hello partners,


my student make the first movies.

We decide at first publish them on youtube, so everybody can see (with no problems about format).


Tomorrow I will send movie files to our Movie bank.


Here are address:


Riga team :)



Now that we're 4...


Now that we're 4 we are ready to start. "Soundtrackers" is on the move!


Portugal, Norway, Latvia and Cyprus will track the sounds of the world.  




Because "life without music [or any other sound] would be a mistake", wouldn't it? 



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