Project awards

National Prize in Poland

 On 6th June 2014  in Warsaw we were awarded with the 3rd place during National Prize ceremony. Unfortunately we (me and Gosia) couldn't go to Warsaw), but our two friends Joanna and Daniel took 4 of our students and took part in this wondenful event.

National eTwinning prize



The "Genius'log" was awarded in Italy as one of the best projects have achieved the best overall score in the six quality criteria shared at European level to identify the most complete experiences eTwinning: collaboration between partners, curricular integration, use of technology information and communication, pedagogical innovation and creativity, results and benefits, sustainability and transferability.


I am very pleasured to inform that we have been awarded with the European Quality Label!! Excellent work my colleagues and pupils!!



Quality Label for Penafiel - JI Tojais

Quality Label for JI Tojais - Penafiel - Portugal. Congratulations to all. Thank you for this partnership. :)


QL for Italy

Italian QL

 Just now  I have been informed of the achievement of the QL. I'm really happy and thank you all for the excellent participation. On my website you can read on the grounds that accompanied the QL

QL for Spanish school

I share with you my QL.I am very happy with it ;) 

Ql for Greece

We have just been awarded QL for our work with THE GENIOUS LOG.

We are very happy about it and we keep up with our work with greater enthusiasm.

This year we hope to have more live communication among us.

Let's organize skype meetings and chats as well as messages among our pupils.


Quality Label - Elvas - Portugal

Hello good year for all colleagues.

We also received the Quality Label by our NSS  for "Genius' log".

We are very happy.


QL for Greece


We have just been awarded the Quality Label by our NSS and we're very excited about it! 

At the moment we're working with Vasco da Gama and we'll soon send him to Italy.

Greek Quality Label

 My pupils at 94th Primary School of Athens and I have been awarded with the Quality Label for this genius project! Let's keep up the good work!

QL for Polish school

We (Anna and Małgorzata) have just been awarded with the Quality Labels for "Genius' log", but it doesn't mean we have finished our project work. We are going to do our best to make it as valuable as possible, because our students like spending time with the geniuses from you and to know their life

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