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The European Passport of Languages by Class 5A /Lousã_Portugal)

European Passport of Languages by Class 5A (Lousã_Portugal) on PhotoPeach

Lousã presentation on thinklink by class 5A (Portugal)

This is the presentation of our hometown - Lousã



An interview with a sportsman from our hometown


Today Class 5A students had the opportunity to interview a sportsman from our hometown. In fact, he is now a Physical Education teacher but he was an athlete when he was younger, so he shared some experiences and ideas on the topic "Healthy living and sports". His name is Mário Maia and he tried to answer all the questions in English. You can watch the interview on the video in the folder above following the link.

(we are not allowed to publish the video outside this twinspace).

The  interview was held at the school library and the interviewers were Maria Inês,  João Santos, Pedro Parreira and Pedro Nunes.


Thanks for your collaboration.


EB nº2 da Lousã - class A, 5th grade


 link to watch the interview:









Sports in Lousã

 This is our work about the sports in Lousã -  as a mountainous region Lousã is perfect for different sports practice and events. We have done a group research work about these activities, we gathered images and used Microsoft Autocollage to compose the mais photo, then we used Thinglink to present the information.

We have also been watching all your powerpoint presentations and interviews on Padlet and we enjoyed them a lot.

We hope you enjoy our work too.



Our holidays_ Class 5A Lousã (Portugal)

 Sorry it took us some time gathering all the photos and presentations by all the students in our class - class 5A in Lousã school, but we've finally managed to finish the final presentation.

Well, on these cold and rainy winter days in Portugal, it is good to remember our Summer holidays by the sea.

Most students spent their holidays by the seaside in Portugal, as we have very good beaches - the closest to our town is called Figueira da Foz (80 kilometeres far from Lousã) or Praia de Mira, so these were the most visited places, but some students also had the opportunity to travel abroad - to Paris, France and another student visited her family in Luxembourg. Others went to our capital city  - Lisbon.

We all had great fun!




Original Xmas carol by Lousã Students



"Christmas in the Village"




Traveling to Italy: our holidays
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