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Teachers' meetings with ooVoo for organising the activities


24th February 2014: Orginising activity 5 -Interactive maps with ThingLink-





ACTIVITY 5 FEBRUARY-MARCH: Interactive map with ThingLink.ThingLink is a tool for making interactive images. We can choose a map, and work on our town or regions adding videos, pictures, texts,... The main topic could be sports. We can work with international groups.


1) Each teacher will prepare the material with his/her students (texts about typical sports, videos,...).

2) Each teacher will upload the material in the Pupils corner in the folders provided. Each group will have a folder where you should put the materials. Before 10th of March.

3) Then each mentor will upload the materials of their international groups in ThingLink, perhaps with the help of your students so they can use the tool. In this way every teacher/mentor will have to have only one ThingLink account and create one map for each group.

4) Each student will complete a survey about their favourite foreign sport and write some sentences about their rules or something the find interesting. Before 28th of March.

18th March 2014: Orginising activity 6 -Interviews in Padlet-





After completing Activity 5: Sports in our region, we have to ask our students to make presentations or films about their favourite sportspeople from other countries. The most famous ones sportsmen and sportswomen.


1) We can prepare the interviews with some of the activities in the following this link:


2) Each teacher uploads a list with famous sportmen or women from their country so the other countries can prepare an interview of one of them. We'll write it in Padlet. 

Before 30th of March.

3) Then we have to record the interviews of one or two sportspeople (one student is a reporter the other one is a sportsperson)  without telling the name. We upload them to Padlet (only one wall for all the international groups) where students can write their opinions, and then we upload the Padlet to Smore.

 4) The other students have to guess who was interviewed and write the answers on Padlet.

Before 30th of April.


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Where are we to upload the presentations about favourite sportspeople? But I asked my students to make presentations about sportsmen/women from Poland.
And the interviews students make with someone from their country or from the other country?

Posted on 30/03/14 17:20.

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In Padlet, see teacher's section. There you'll find the link and passwords.

Posted on 30/03/14 17:57 in reply to Anna Szczepaniak.

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