Flash mob!!!

 As final product of our project we organized flash mobs in all the cities on a specific date, 20th may They were to claim the children rights to have cities more suitable for them, more green spaces and spaces where they could meet, sing and dance together. The music chosen is a funky version of Ode to joy and coreographies steps were prepared, shared and permormed in different ways in different places.

During the mobility from Rome to Paris, 5 classes form Rome and Paris IC ferraiorni school, Vicq 'azir and Leonrado da Vinci from Paris) met on Place Beaubourg and performed the flash mob all together, with a final speech by coordinators.

After all these months of preparation we probably cannot say who did what as everything was mixed up and shared. 

A big thanks to the final movie maker , Panu form Katajanokka

Here the version with all the Ode to joy dances



And here all the performances 




 Here the video of the Centre Pompdidou with more than 100 pupils singing and dancing along

Muchas gracias Madrid

Queridos amigos: Muchas gracias por la maravillosa hospitalidad y hermosa experiencia de trabajar con usted.
Todos nosotros, los pueblos de la naviera griega, gracias de todo corazón y esperamos cumplir ... en algún lugar ... en algún momento ... todos juntos.

Roman children in Paris

 Here in this album a first choice of the thousands of photos we made during our visit to Paris 26-30 may 2014


News from Madrid XIV


Escudo Colegio                                  


                       C.E.I.P. Ciudad de Zaragoza                                  Consejería de Educación, Juventud y Deporte

                                                                                               Comunidad de Madrid



Inicio del Organismo Autonomo de Programas Educativos Europeos




MADRID JANUARY 04th  – 06th   2014

“City Twinners”



-Take bus 105 or 115 from Barajas plaza and get off after 5 stops. Bus has a stop right across the school. Can´t miss it…!!!



-Take metro line 5 (green) toward Alameda de Osuna. Get off at Alameda de Osuna Station. As you leave the station turn right, walk about 300 mts and you´ll hit the school. Can´t miss it…!!!



-Take line 8 (pink). Get off at Barajas station. Restaurant is 300 mts away in the same street as the station.




Wednesday 04th  


??:??         Arrivals.

21:30        Welcome dinner at a restaurant nearby the school. If your hotel is located in the city center, more than welcome to join us: restaurant Mesón D. Fernando : Calle Canal de Suez 1, Public transportation :Metro, Barajas Línea 8 (550m) (cost 15€ aprox)


Thursday  5th


 09:30        School reception: school choir will have a short presentation in the school multipurpose room.

10:30         Project meeting: staff room. Getting organized.

11:40         Breakfast and meeting most members of the school staff.

12:10         Coordinators start elaborating the final memory of the project.

Rest of the group

12:10         School visit.

GROUP 1 – Ana                  GROUP 2 – Laura               GROUP 3 – Belén V

Päivi V.                                  Susanna P.                              Leena S.

Maria V.                                 Panu J.                                               Tarja T. *

Paola A. *                               Stefania P.                              Patrizia D. *

Christos T. *                           Amalia C.                               Despoina K.

Dimitrios K.                           Mark                                       Ben *

Gwenaele V.                          Morgane F.                             Vincent P.

Herve G.*                              Thierrey R.                             Karine H.

Claire M.                                Gina D.                                  Sue J.


14:30        Lunch at school with staff, PTA and local authorities.

15:30        Coordinators continue with the final memory.


Friday 06th  

09:00         Proyect meeting. 

11:00         Parque de El Capricho visit. (Constantino, Ana y Laura, ojo sustituciones)

14:30         Lunch at school.

15:30         Last project meeting.

16:30         Reina Sofía museum visit.


Saturday 07th  


10:30        Old Madrid: a two hours guided tour in English.

13:30        Farewel lunch.

The European Hymn

dear friends,
take a look at this ...
The Fantastic Mr. Benninkton ... I mean R. Atkinson
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Greetings everyone from Belfast!


At St Michael's we had great fun producing our Flashmob last week. It coincided with our Annual Sports Day and the weather was terrific. Looking forward to sharing our video clip with you all in Madrid,


Best Wishes, Claire

Mobility in Madrid

 The group from Rome arrived in Madrid.. everything is fine so far!

Flashmob LdV Paris


We also did our flashmob just in front of the Invalides at 9 o'clock and it was sunny!!!!

We filmed it and we'll upload some pictures in a while!

It was great!

PAtrizia from LdV Paris




WE DID THIS MORNING THE FLASHMOB in the playground of the school and we filmed it


AND we will all do it with the roman school just near the BEAUBOURG museum on my the 30th of may




ECOLE vicq d azir



News from Madrid XIII

 Hi everyone,


I have just sent an e-mail trying to gather some information to help me organize some of the events that will take place during your visit to Madrid. I need you to look at it and decide whether you and your colleagues want to be part or not. Here are the decition that need to be made:

  • Welcome dinner at a restaurant nearby the school and Don Luis Hotel (Barajas) on Wed. evening
  • El Prado museum visit on Fri. evening free
  • Madrid tour: a two hours tour downtown Madrid in English 10€ aprox
  • Farewell lunch after the tour, in a downtown restaurant


Hope you can answer soon so I can get things sorted out ASAP . If any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch and together we can address whatever you may have in mind.


Un saludo desde Madrid,


Music in our outskirts

 In this video there is the Liittle orchestra of Tor Pignattara, the neighborhood where the Pisacane school is located. It's their first videoclip; they are young musicians under 17 who play together coming from different languages and background. For those of you who stayed in Rome in these years you can recognize the yeallow train and the Pisacane school




Flash mob !!!

 Ready ? Steady... GO!

IC via Ferraironi in Rome : IN THE PARK VILLA DE SANCTIS. Children will dance Ode to joy with the coreography prepared by their teachers, while another group wil try some steps by Helsinki  pupils.

Children wil also sing " Because I'm Roman" and other songs and Dances. 

They will bring some posters with their plans and project for the park, as they would like to change it.

The local authority for Municipal council, responsible for parks and grenn in our area, will meet children during the event and she will be also invited to further meetings about planning new parks in the area.



Flash mob

 In music in the city the final rehersal for flsh mob in Rome

We are all very excited to get to know what are the other schools planning to do...

News from Madrid XII

 Hola amigos,


So far, Katajanokka Primary and Egaleo have booked their hotels downtown Madrid. Remember that you will have to commute about 40 minutes to the school. The good news is that is green line straight to the school area. Once you get off the metro, turn right and walk about 8 minutes; you´ll find the school at the very end of Calle Manuel Aguilar Muñoz (street´s name) . . . can´t miss it!!!

Then, LDV and IC Ferraironi will stay at Hotel D. Luis, which is near by the school. I´ll do this booking for them.

I Haven´t heard from neither Belfast nor London or the French school . . . When you are ready, visit the front page provided and fill in the required info.

Also, since we´ll be having lunch at school, let me know if any of you have some sort of allergies or intolerances or any food concern we must be aware of.

This is it for now.

Saludos desde beautiful Madrid,


Spring Wreaths

On May 1st, in Greece we make wreaths to celebrate the coming of spring. We are sending some photos of the wreaths that we made in class today.

Go to: Four Seasons in seven Cities/ Image Gallery/ Spring Wreaths in 3rd Pr. Sch. Egaleo

Teachers: Maria Andreou and Kostas Katsaros of 3rd Grade Classes


Flashmob 20 may

 Coreography from Rome is almost ready. The dance teachers are complaining because the music is too long... anyway we have two classes willing to dance on 20th may in the park near the school

We have a lot to ask to make this park better and we'll ask DANCING and SINGING!

How can we share the steps? Who is also ready to share??


How will the Music of the future look like?


Hi everybody, preparing our  commun activity 'DANCING AND MUSIC IN THE STREET' I'll found this interview to a musicien working in Paris who image the music of the future as a collaborative work taking sounds from the CitY or Nature:

News from Madrid XI

 Hi everyone,


The end of the school year happens to b around the corner. We finish lessons the 20th of June; staff remains till the 30th. And you will b in town first week of that same month. In order to help you with the hotel booking, I need to know if you want me to make reservations or to suggest you tips about this matter. So far, our teachers from Helsinki, Rome and Paris (LDV) have been in touch. I refer you to News from Madrid X blog entry for a number of informations that might be helpful to plan your trip to Madrid.

I do have an enormous amount of frustration not being able to accomplish all the aims set in London. I´ve been also pretty lost and confused trying to understand all about the new programs. I want to thank Paola for being patient with me and cheer me up in order no to give up. In any case, we keep walking toward the end of the school year as well as the CT project.

Any question, pleas ask.

Un saludo,



 Dear coordinators,

as we decided in London we're going to evaluate the project acitivities through an evaluation  questionnaire for students. I prepared a draft and uploaded it in Official Documents. Please feel yourself free to adapt , change and use it as you want. The important thing is that we'll collect datas from our schools about evaluation which will be analysed in Madrid for the final report. What do you think?


Opening the catacombas near our school

 Today a very important new opening in the park near the school, Villa de Sanctis : they open to the public the ancient catacombas of saints Marcellino and Pietro, dating bak to the III century and all decorated with frescos We will visit them and send reports to you all 

italian newspaper


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