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News from Madrid XIII

 Hi everyone,


I have just sent an e-mail trying to gather some information to help me organize some of the events that will take place during your visit to Madrid. I need you to look at it and decide whether you and your colleagues want to be part or not. Here are the decition that need to be made:

  • Welcome dinner at a restaurant nearby the school and Don Luis Hotel (Barajas) on Wed. evening
  • El Prado museum visit on Fri. evening free
  • Madrid tour: a two hours tour downtown Madrid in English 10€ aprox
  • Farewell lunch after the tour, in a downtown restaurant


Hope you can answer soon so I can get things sorted out ASAP . If any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch and together we can address whatever you may have in mind.


Un saludo desde Madrid,


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Great organization!

Posted on 20/05/14 08:54.

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