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News from Madrid XII

 Hola amigos,


So far, Katajanokka Primary and Egaleo have booked their hotels downtown Madrid. Remember that you will have to commute about 40 minutes to the school. The good news is that is green line straight to the school area. Once you get off the metro, turn right and walk about 8 minutes; you´ll find the school at the very end of Calle Manuel Aguilar Muñoz (street´s name) . . . can´t miss it!!!

Then, LDV and IC Ferraironi will stay at Hotel D. Luis, which is near by the school. I´ll do this booking for them.

I Haven´t heard from neither Belfast nor London or the French school . . . When you are ready, visit the front page provided and fill in the required info.

Also, since we´ll be having lunch at school, let me know if any of you have some sort of allergies or intolerances or any food concern we must be aware of.

This is it for now.

Saludos desde beautiful Madrid,


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Some emails were sent to all the schools to invite coordinators to stay in touch. we hope that all will consider that Comenius projects need to be implemented by common, shared activities!

Posted on 08/05/14 10:45.

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