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News from Madrid XI

 Hi everyone,


The end of the school year happens to b around the corner. We finish lessons the 20th of June; staff remains till the 30th. And you will b in town first week of that same month. In order to help you with the hotel booking, I need to know if you want me to make reservations or to suggest you tips about this matter. So far, our teachers from Helsinki, Rome and Paris (LDV) have been in touch. I refer you to News from Madrid X blog entry for a number of informations that might be helpful to plan your trip to Madrid.

I do have an enormous amount of frustration not being able to accomplish all the aims set in London. I´ve been also pretty lost and confused trying to understand all about the new programs. I want to thank Paola for being patient with me and cheer me up in order no to give up. In any case, we keep walking toward the end of the school year as well as the CT project.

Any question, pleas ask.

Un saludo,


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