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Flash mob!!!

 As final product of our project we organized flash mobs in all the cities on a specific date, 20th may They were to claim the children rights to have cities more suitable for them, more green spaces and spaces where they could meet, sing and dance together. The music chosen is a funky version of Ode to joy and coreographies steps were prepared, shared and permormed in different ways in different places.

During the mobility from Rome to Paris, 5 classes form Rome and Paris IC ferraiorni school, Vicq 'azir and Leonrado da Vinci from Paris) met on Place Beaubourg and performed the flash mob all together, with a final speech by coordinators.

After all these months of preparation we probably cannot say who did what as everything was mixed up and shared. 

A big thanks to the final movie maker , Panu form Katajanokka

Here the version with all the Ode to joy dances



And here all the performances 




 Here the video of the Centre Pompdidou with more than 100 pupils singing and dancing along


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