Today class 4 A Iqbal Masih school had a videoconference with children of Leonardo da Vinci school, their TWINS of class 4.

We saw each other and introduced ourselves.

We liked it very much!!



News from Madrid I

 Hi everybody,


Here in Madrid fall is taking over summer, although during the day is still warm.. with a little bit of rain here and there . . . Seems countryside is getting reddish, yellowish, orangeish (?). . . beautiful in anycase.

As you all may know the number of participants for this second year has lower considerably, therefore we are trying to do our best to achive the goals and fulfill the activities proposed . . .

Hope you are having a good school year and to see you all in London . . . We are having a school comenius meeting on Thursday to discuss who´s attending the meeting, among other topics. I´ll let you all know.

We were wondering what hotel are you booking, so we all share the same...

Saludos desde Madrid,


Eric creation

 Waiting our flightsback  at Helsinki airport, Eric felt inspired and created one of his wonderful drawings



Thanks Helsinki!

 Dear friends, we'd like to thank one more time the headmistress, the coordinator, all the teachers andthe  stuff and the pupils of Kataja Nokka school for the wonderful meeting we had.

It was an unforgettable experience. Our headmaster Aurelio Alaimo appreciated our report and the feedback we carried back to our school.

Patrizia, Raffaella, Anna from Leonardo da Vinci school, PAris

London Visit January 2014

Dear all, I can happilly confirm the dates for you visit to London, so that you can book as soon as possible. I have also discussed an itinerary with the head. So that you are closer to school (and London), I would advise that you stay in thye Liverpool St area. This will also help when we arrange our dinner on the Friday evening. Here are some possible options for accomodation:;label=New_English_EMEA_Landmark-0vRW8x462f*ZwnZw0sTUFAS25582879945:pl:ta:p1:p2:ac:ap1t2


I will forward an itinerary + a menu for the restaurant

once all have confirmed the hotel and lfight bookings. Best wishes, Ben.


I have been trying to add a photo of our first mascot design, but have not managed to get the hang of this new twinpace (rather like the old one, really).

From class 4 A Iqbal Masih school- Ferraironi


We worked together to prepare the avatar and the message. She says" We want to have videoconferences. We like so much working in City twinners"

Katajanokka school

 A simple slide show with pictures of the school



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KIITOS!!!!!! from Athens

Dear friends
I think it's very few words to tell you a big: KIITOS!!!!!!

The reception, the hospitality and your friendship was very important to us all.

Thank you again.
Christos, Kostas and Despina



back home..

 We already miss Katajanokka, its school and our wonderful colleagues there!

Thank you again...




 hello to everybody from wifi connection on the flight Rome Helsinki

paola and maria grazia

Entrata alla grande


Sono riuscita ad entrare

nella piattaforma senza

problemi. Sto riprovando

a scrivere nel blog, nel

frattempo auguro...



Keep calm and carry On!


Keep calm..

Second year starts
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