letters from London!


New letter from London, Samantha's class, arrived yesterday to Susanna's class ! Now children know deeply how English school is organized, subjects, uniforms..Thanks Crownfield school!

Newsletter from LdV Paris, April




    Hi to everybody,

    we've started to upload some activities related to the Spring season here in LDV:pupils are exploring the Nature in Paris during springtime (parks, expositions,e tc.) which is finally coming.

    I also opened the new activity 'FAVOURITE PLACES' and I've uploaded a PP by year 2 'My favourite place in Paris is...'.

    A videoconference about that with Helsinki could be fixed and with Rome so children could exchage orally as well. Pupils letters have been mailed (to Athens, Rome , London, MAdrid) expecially between the twin classes preparing their next mobilities.

    We are also starting  the musical activities for  May 20th .

    Work in progress...

    have a nice week



Vicq d'Azir in Rome

 they just left and already we all miss them.. LOVELY pupils and teachers we spent three days together .Roman and Parisians pupils mixed up so quickly that after some minutes it was impossible to split the groups 

They met, knew each other, visited the Roman schools, had dinner together and today a so nice exploration at Villa Borghese, with mixed teams searching in all the park monuments and fountains..

Wonderful experience and a great achievements for all our project

News from Rome!!

A very busy week in Rome for City Twinners!!


TODAY another videoconference Madrid - Rome with children already in touch with their friends before their real meeting. They talked about monuments in Madrid and the plans for things to do in Madrid. Very exciting!


Then ALL the planning for hosting Vicq d'Azir class arriving TOMORROW!! everything is ready and we also booked a very special weather here.. 20° sunny, fresh air.. al the city is ready to welcome you parisiens!!!

New song

 In " music in the city" the song by roman pupils invented on the music of " I'm a Londoner"


News from Madrid X: Final meeting in Madrid

 Let´s talk about hotels: there is a hotel nearby the school; if you want to check it out: We can get a good deal: double + breakfast = 55, triple + breakfast = 65, single + breakfast 50 . . . APROX...

For those of you who wish to stay downtown, subway will take you to school in about 40 minutes, line 5 (green line); once you get off the train, it takes you 5 minutes walking to school (300 meters).

I can also help you suggesting some places downtown.

Remember that while we are in the school, lunch is served daily between 14:00 and 15:00.

Please, let me know ASAP number of people attending the meeting, food allergies, hotel wish, and anything I can help you with.

Here you have some more info about the city of Madrid:



  • In the case you want to start learning about the city of Madrid, here is the link to the CityHall WebSite:

  • Here you have the link to the Turism WebSite for the city of Madrid . . . hope this one helps too:

  • Here you have another link . . . this one in English... This give a variaty of info about the city:

  • Here you have the main museums links, for those of you who love art (we´ll get a free pass to El Prado):

  • Here you have thel link to the English version of Madrid Metro (underground):

  • One last link about the great city of Madrid:

Hope all these links help you to a better and greater experience while visiting our city. . .¡your city!




Today the Videoconference between Roman pupils who are going to visit Ciudad de Zaragoza and Madrid! Everything was fine! main topic: food in the school canteen!

In Rome..

Our activities in March: 

  • FOUR SEASON IN SEVEN CITIES : winter was so warm that waiting cold weather to take pictures, spring has come! so we are drawing how boring was this winter with all the rain we had in Rome
  • Classes 4 went to explore Villa de sanctis, the park near the school and they are preparing a docufilm about the park
  • The guide for Children visiting Rome is almost ready, with lots of colouring pages and games
  • We invented new lyrics for " I'm a Londoner" and the result..wellyou'll listen to it!
  • Teachers are preparing a coreography for Hymn to joy 
  • LOTS of work to prepare the mobilities to Madrid and to Paris
  • Most important: everything is ready to host our friends from Paris. 




Videoconference planning

 Next will be on Monday 24 : Rome and Madrid! roman pupils going to Madrid in may will meet their Spanish friends!

News from Madrid IX

 Good morning amigos,


I created a folder for our incoming final meeting in Madrid. I added the invitation letter and shortly I will upload the agenda. Also, you´ll find a doc in which you can send me the info about all the attendees. If there is something I might be missing, please let me know.

Have a wonderful week and spring arrival . . . Sunny and beautiful Madrid is already waiting for you . . . 



Another videoconference

 This morning from via Ferraironi we could join with Leonardo da Vinci AND with Egaleo!

For some minutes we could speak in three, more or less 70 children sharing their thoughts!

So these were the topics:

- winter in our cities: in Rome and in Athens we had not a real winter only a lot of rain but warm. In Paris some cold, no snow

- Carnival: yesterday it was last day of Carnival. In Rome and in Athns the usual parades were disturbed by the rain. In Athens parents organized a big party on Saturday, with children wearing costumes. In Rome we had a special Tuesday : all the pupils in 4 A decided to perform a Carnival as ancient Romans did at the time of Saturnalia  so they exchanged their roles and boys dressed up as girls and viceversa.  It was so funny!

- special sweets for Carnival: we discovered that in Athens and in Rome we have very sweet cakes and fried things. Christos still remembers the frappe that he tasted last year during meting in Rome.

- In Paris, Athens and Rome pupils and teachers are working for the flash mob and for the songs. Leonardo's pupils sang for us their version of " I'm a Londoner" 


Whay don't you all add your comments?


Planning the dance


In music in the city - flash mob - there is the music file with the funky version of Himn to joy

Ben has sent through email a proposal about dancing here the video

The idea of having our children dancing like these in Sister act is fantastic.. imagine them coming out if the crowd around and start dancing..

Look at this:


Ok, it's a dream but it's time to start at least a discussion among us!

Pupils mobilities

 Hectic activities in Rome, Paris, London and Madrid  to send and host pupils of our project! 

Here the first programme by Leonardo da Vinci and Crownfield for all the activities Parisians will do in London 


  A fantastic way of having the two classes working  and exploring London together! 

News from Madrid VIII

 Hi everybody,


Just a few words to share with all of you that Esther López, our Kindergarten teacher, after struggling with cancer since last June, pasted away on Friday early morning. Some of us visited the funeral chapel and had the opportunity to talk to her mother, brother and sisters.

In Madrid, we would like to dedicate this project to her memory.

Esther, RIP


News from Madrid VII
 First of all, thanks to Ben, Marc and his staff. The visit to Crownfiel Junior School was short but worth visiting. Talking to teachers and students, having the metting with the children and being able to introduce our school mates, sharing sandwiches and wanamama diner and discussing project important aspects, made the metting reallty interesting. Oh, I almost forgot, and the wonderful visit to the London Museum with teachers and excellent students.
Here in Madrid things are in its way to accomplish the objectives and activities previously agreed with the rest of the school. We still need to come up with a mascot winner. As soon as we have it, we´ll upload it on TS.
As we arrived in the school, we had a metting to clearly see the sequence of activities and I hope we will be able to take them all to a good end.
Now, we are getting organized to recieve our fifth grade students from Rome. Then, we´ll concentrate in the final meeting.
Saludos a todos.
PD: gracias Ben, espero que descansaras . . . Nos vemos por Madrid...
Street games



Here are some pictures of street games learnt by year 4 pupils just in front of the Leonardo da Vinci school;

Even in winter we can play English!!!

Some pictures of the London meeting...

 Thank you to the CJS !



London meeting!


very well organized meeting .. we are back with many ideas and things to do! Photos in " London meeting" and the report is already done!

London meeting

 A big thank to the perfect organization to all Crownfiled staff and in particular to Ben for being so kind and welcoming!

In a short -.. pictures!

HNY from the ET


 Dear City Twinners, we wish you a 

Happy New Year from Ldv school in Paris:

here a guessing picture:

Can you recognize the Eiffel Tower? It's not the original one but a new copy just built it up in a Chinese city....!


Bye Patrizia

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