Water temple .



Water Temple is one of the most important historical evidence on the long history of Mount Zagouan. The founding of the temple dates back to the reign of the Emperor Hadrian, who Empire ruled Romania from 117 to 138 m. It is an indication of the importance and value of water Zagouan.

The length of the chain of Hanaya Zagouan to Carthage. 
You look at the remnants of Hanaya Romania, which rises 50 meters from the ground level Wade Melian, which is considered a miracle of engineering slope thoughtful continuously from Mount Zagouan until Carthage degree
Milan of zero interval twenty-nine degrees (0.29 d) in order to continue the water flow and prevent attainment of degree Torrent violent and so can actually acknowledge that Hanaya Romania Zaghouan are the Pyramids of Tunisia in order to remain a milestone in history and see the architect on the depth of human existence in Tunisia and the region of Zagouan















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