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Abel Machado School from Brazil started organic garden project. It is under Elluminate Fire and Ice guidance.



Burkina Faso got the award of Elluminate Fire And Ice. eClassroom -in- a- box after Brazil.
- In 2008 Sep., we started a new team: Taiwan, Mali, Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Uzbekistan, Solomon, and Cuba.

Due to the financial issue, Elluminate Fire and Ice no longer provided any classroom -in-a-box, but they still gave us free VC room.

We are a brand new team, continued their project and developed.

At the beginning, I was Asia-Pacific coordinator, worked with Stace Wills, Ellumninate Fire and Ice global coordinator.


- In Feb 2009, Claude Bourdon, from France visited Cuba. It’s a good opportunity to connect Cuba.

Cuba team only had snail mails, Stace provided the equipments for VC himself, and Claude tried his best to help this first Live Event.

With the help from French Alliance and Embassy, we challenged this impossible mission for over a week. Finally, we met on line and wrote the history.



It was a project of ICT connecting rural and underprivileged communities at the beginning. All we have is free VC room.

- In 2009, I was in charge of this project. I started to invite a co-worker, Sounkalo from Mali. We hosted this project together since Feb 2009.

- In oct 2009 we were finalists of Global Junior Challenge





- In 2010, I invited eTwinning Ambassador Eric VayssiĆ© to be my second co-host. The first Organic Garden  eTwinning project was created :

"Save the world! Save the garden"

with eTwinning teachers Cathy Francis (Scotland), Rossella Bragazzi (Italy), Daniela Bunea (Romania), Tatjana Gulic (Slovenia), Lourdes Valencia (Spain),

 - In 2010, Elluminate was sold to Blackboard, and Stace left Elluminate. I asked the new company for free VC room support. We are like an orphan, if we can not get free VC support, we can not afford it, and how can we continue this ICT directing collaboration? Many friends from the world tried to help us. Fortunately, Steve Hargadon from the States, continued providing us free Blackboard Collaborate VC room generously. We were survived. Now, we have over 25 countries catch our dream together.



-In june 2013, creation of the second eTwinning project called "Organic Garden Dream Europe", 

We welcome new countries : Greece( Eleni Hartzavalou  , Kalliopi MpkiariKalli StavrouΒasilis Κostopoulos  , Azerbaijan (Leyla Babayeva, Ruhiyye Mahmudova ), Ukraine: ( Olga Timofeeva  ) , Armenia: ( Armine Martirosyan )

- Two colleagues from south America are invited  Brazil: (Jeane De Fatima ) , Argentina: ( Jose Luis Cabrera )







Junior Challenge 2012













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