Meeting in SK

   Program in Kosice 7-11 April



08.00-08.45 - icebreaker only for students
08.55-09.40 - welcome, introduction, getting to know each other
09.50-10.35 - icebreaker
10.55-11.40 - presentations (Slovakia, Košice, SK educational system,...)
11.50-12.35 - Tour de Opatovska school
12.45-13.30 - lunch 
14.30-16.00 - Tour around Košice /town sightseeing , visiting 

09.00 - meeting point - railway and bus station- Tour around Kosice I. / Watchtower and castle, Educational trail/
12.45 - Lunch 
13.30-15.00 - Intercultural afternoon sessions

08.30 - meeting point - railway and bus station - Visiting ZOO + educational trail
- prepare for walking - cca 2 hours
12.15 - Lunch at school 
12.30 - lecture about Herbarium
13.15 - lecture about Glogster
14.00 - teachers´ assessment meeting
14.00 - pre-planned activities for students 

08.45 - meeting point - botanic garden
- Visiting Botanical garden incl. thematic lecture + lunch
- pre-planned activities for students and teachers - culture

08.30 - Not only factual lecture on BATS
10.30 - Theory into practice – laboratory experiments
12.35 - Final evaluation meeting 







Comenius meeting in Kosice (Krisztina Sima HU)

Five students and three  teachers of the Ady Endre Secondary Grammar School have participated in the Comenius meeting at Kosice. Students and teachers of many nations have showed up there: Romanian,Turkish, Greek, Polish, us, Hungarians and the hosting Slovakians. For me this one week was very determinative, since I didn't only meet other countries and cultures, but I was also able to improve my English knowledge and my communication abilities as well. We've arrived at Kosice on Sunday evening, our hosts were waiting for us with enormous joy. On the next day there was getting to know each other among the teens, the so called ice breaking. We have done entertaining tasks, to which teamwork was indispensable. Everyone was shy, but I'm sure that everyone opened up by the end of our visit. We visited the Saint Elisabeth-dome, we've also been inside it. It's currently under reconstruction, but it still gives a beautiful sight. The dome takes place at the main square, where breathtaking flower gardens can be seen, tulips and daffodils are blooming one by one, you can sit down and enjoy the sight. We've been to the belvedere of Kosice, which was at a pretty high place to see how nice sight the mountains give. On the way up there, we had to complete tasks, search for trees, given plants, which were illustrative to the area. On the next day we went to visit a museum, we got to know to the animals, plants, rocks of the ancient eras. This interesting place was the Botanic Garden. We've met beautiful, but unfortunately poisonous plants, trees in astonishing colors. I've also met bonsais, the Asian trees I love the most, which are very hard to take care of and to keep alive, since they are really fastidious. Our last and determining experience was in the Humno restaurant, where we watched dance typify of Slovakia and we could also taste foods. I think it was a good expedition for all of us. At least I had a very good time, I hope others can get there too.

Krisztina Sima, 9. NYEK



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