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The winner is Zeibekis Franceskos from Greece with 49 points.

Second logo comes from Slovakia with 40 points and the creator is Maléterová.

Third logo comes from Greece with 26 points and the creator is Vaso Xouzafiri. 





Activities in BG (pictures)

Activities in HU (pictures)

Activities in PL (pictures)

Activities in RO (pictures)

Activities in SK (pictures)

Activities in TR (pictures)

Activities in GR (pictures)



Video conferences - Christmas greetings



Turkey- Hungary


Romania- Bulgaria



Romania - Turkey



Greece - Turkey    



Greece - Slovakia   







İlhan Türkoğlu
Dec. 16.


We did our first videoconferences today between Bulgaria-Turkey / Bulgaria-Romania and Romania-Turkey. They were very nice meetings. Thank you very much Galena and Nela. Your students' performance was so great. Our students and teachers liked your shows. I hope you liked our students' performance. Tomorrow our videoconferences will continue. We will meet with our coordinator Giannis and Greek team.

Thank you very much for everything. We're a perfect comenius team :)
Best wishes.


Nela Dumea
Dec. 16
 Thank you Ilhan for the wonderful words about peformance of our team project. I want to be confident that was a very nice experience for our team too. All the participants said that they felt very well in your company. Your children are so cute! Your idea to learn some words in the partner language was a good source of fun. Congratulation for that!
The Bulgarian videoconference was also a good experience for our team. We could admire among other things the beautiful folk costumes of the singers. 
Enjoyable videoconferences without major technical problems I wish you to all partners.
Kind regards, Nela


İlhan Türkoğlu
Dec. 20.


Hello Dear Partners;

 We finished the video conferences without any problem. Everything was very nice. We liked your performances, students, teachers. I hope you liked our shows too. It was be a very good experience for our students and teachers and parents. (Some parents joined our videoconrerences). Thank you very much all of you individually. I think that,  We can repeat in appropriate times. Best wishes


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