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 September and October (2013) we have the following activities: 


v  First work meetings in each country.

v  Students get acquainted with the project and prepare questionnaires for other countries to be sent to them.

v  Organize the First video conference of all participants.

v  We have to fill in of questionnaires sent by other countries.

v  Preparation for introductory presentation by each partner school (presentation, movie, photo story or live dub about each school and town).

v  Setting up the website for the project(Lukasz)

v  Creating the Comenius corner in each school. It will contain information about the project, photos, typical plants in our region, biodiversity information, posters created by students. 

v  Creative competition of a common logo and slogan for our project.




Nela Dumea 20 September 2013: Today we launched at local level our common Comenius project. We looked for a different way to launch a multilateral project and we found an event with a similar signification. This Friday (September 21) is assigned as “The world day for peace” and the slogan is “Plant a tree for peace”. Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) called schools from around the world to plant trees in this day or in the nearest days. About 30 people (students and teachers) from Bacau Children`s Palace has gathered in the main park of the town (The Cancicov Park) and they planted around 50 trees (oaks, mountain sycamores, firs and ornamental cherry trees). The City Hall has established planting areas and the baby trees were donated by The Bacau Forestry Department – Fantanele Forest District (our partner). Thank you for their support!
This activity was popularized in the local press (newspaper “Desteptarea” , “Ziarul de Bacau”, etc). You can see the articles in electronic version by clicking on:
http://www.desteptarea.ro/palatul-copiilor-din-bacau-a-plantat-copaci-pentru-pace-in-cadrul-unui-proiect-european/ orhttp://www.ziaruldebacau.ro/2013/09/19/puieti-de-la-palatul-copiilor-in-parcul-cancicov.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ziarbacau+%28Ziarul+de+Bacau%29


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