Metamorphosis in sciences and technology

Euclide, le père de la géométrie (clique sur l'image)


It smells like Julius Caesar (by Marina di Carrara)



A chemist, Gianluca Farusi (from ITIS Galilei, Carrara, professor of chemistry at the University of Pisa), host of our school explains how to play the ancient perfumes in the laboratory.


[A decoration of the House of Vetii in Pompeii, Italy, is an extraordinary testimony of how the scents of the ancient Roman world were prepared and sold]



 Buste de Pythagore


Le théorème de Pythagore (clique sur l'image)


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ChangesEuropeanFood (Marina di Carrara 2B)
The discovery of America: changes in the European food By Anita B, Alessia B, Jennifer V, Luca G, Nicolò T
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Euclide (Lafrançaise)
During the math lessons, pupils have worked on Euclide's elements
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Food History (Marina di Carrara 2C) 0 7
Food through times ( 2^A) 0 2
From Parmenides to Torus Games (2B Marina di Carrara)
My pupils don't know Parmenides, Plato, Aristotele. ...They are not astronomers, they are not philosophers. They studied the scientific method of Galileo and they had fun watching a video of Marco Paolini, great Italian actor, in which they got information about Plato and Aristotele's universe. Then they wrote to Cik, a Caucasian boy, protagonist of the book La notte e il giorno di Čik di Fazil Iskander. Now, after one of them took part in the national final of the math competitions and he met Jeff Weeks, American mathematician and cosmologist, they are talking about torus space and they having fun playing with torus games.
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It smells like Julius Caesar (Classi seconde Buonarroti) 0 6
Marmo roccia metamorfica 1^A. 0 3
Math lessons (1^C Buonarroti) 0 1
metamorphosis in medicine ( 2^D Buonarroti) 0 1
Metomorphosis of food - from raw to processed 2^A 0 1
Quizz planets 0 1
Storia della navigazione ( 2^D Buonarroti) 0 1
The glass manufacturing ( 1^C Buonarroti M.Carrara)
The students were on a school trip they visited a workshop for fabrication of glass and had fun creating some metamorphosis ....
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