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Working Draft

Abstract: each point can be developed in a multidisciplinary approach.
Each school, depending on the available resources, will set different paths.

It will be nice and interesting to see the differences!


1st step – start up (September – December)

a)         Introduce your school and your country

b)         Invite pupils involved in the project

c)         Invite teachers involved in the project

d)        Pupils write about themselves and about the subjects proposed on the twinspace

e)         Starting to update the project diary

f)         first collaborative writing activity : pupils and the passion for reading (personal experiences)

g)         pupils insights and research on antic sites, gods, myths, sites

h)         second collaborative writing activity : philological passion for the classical world (Humanism, Renaissance, Neoclassicism)

i)          third collaborative writing activity: fable and tale


second step – productions and contacts (January – March)

a)         pupils freely reproduce artistic works of the classical period to create a calendar

b)         pupils insights and research on famous people (scientists, politicians, artists, etc. ...)

c)         pupils get in touch with each other through the TwinSpace


third step – insights and historical/artistic research (April – June)

a)         quiz and games

b)         Classical culture and videogames

c)         From Classical culture to the Europe of nation states and the UE

d)        exchange and publication of the activities


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