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Let's start brainstorming on Food

 Dear Marie-Hélène, some time ago you proposed us to add our ideas and items to a Padlet dedicated to the topic of Food. Just to begin I have posted an article about food and Literature.

Here is my proposal and I invite all the partners to brainstorm on this topic in order to start implementing

another ativity of our project. 

Best wishes to everyone

Maria Rosaria




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Dear Maria Rosaria,

what is the password to access to your padlet?

Posted on 11/01/14 19:09.

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I haven't been able to Access, either.

Warm Wishes


Posted on 11/01/14 21:12 in reply to Italia Castiglione.

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The password is


Posted on 13/01/14 19:19 in reply to Neşe Çelik.

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Thank you!
I have added a post

Posted on 14/01/14 00:07 in reply to Italia Castiglione.

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I've been awfully busy lately and it's not going to be much better for at least a month but I'm going to post some of my students' work soon and check out all the messages !
I'm going to add items too on the Padlet!!!)
Thanks for your awesome work!
I love collaboration!
Have a great weekend!

Posted on 18/01/14 12:21 in reply to Italia Castiglione.

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We added some posts too!
Kind regards,

Posted on 28/01/14 18:16.

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Same here! I've added a few links emoticon
If you have ideas for a lesson plan including our links, feel free to fill in this document (it would be great to work it out all together!)
Have a great day!!!!!
Big hugs emoticon

Posted on 01/02/14 17:28 in reply to Niculina Chiper.

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Dear All,
I have just come back from Finland, next week I will start working again on the project.

Posted on 04/02/14 21:00 in reply to Marie-Hélène Fasquel.

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