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Discover Other Cusines with a funny game
Turkish Food Recipes
Food IISS Mottura Caltanissetta
How to Make the Canadian Poutine


My Pupils tried to make one of the traditional meals of Canada (an Eglish-speaking country; that's why we chose this country) Sorry for their mistakes; they are excited. We are also studying on creating a game about other countries' cuisine. I hope you will like it

Tasting Italian Food. Liceo Touschek

Dear Partners

this is our contribution to the module about food. Other activities will be added by my students and we hope you will try to make any of the recipies they  they prepared. There are also articles and other activites on the Mediterrenean diet. The various contributions where inspired to the activities we brainstormed on our common Padlet.

Enjoy your meal!




Let's start brainstorming on Food

 Dear Marie-Hélène, some time ago you proposed us to add our ideas and items to a Padlet dedicated to the topic of Food. Just to begin I have posted an article about food and Literature.

Here is my proposal and I invite all the partners to brainstorm on this topic in order to start implementing

another ativity of our project. 

Best wishes to everyone

Maria Rosaria



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