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La Semaine Sainte à Brag, Portugal


My pupils tried to record a video about Christmas in Turkey. There are some some mistakes. But I think my pupils did a great job:)) It took a lot of time to finish it. We wanted you to see it even if it is a little bit late :) Once more, Happy New Year!


Mărțișor is an old Romanian celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st

Some of my students' celebrations podcasts
Dear friends, Here are (at last!!!) my students' podcasts!:) I hope you enjoy them! Marie ps : how do you embed a Padlet Pad please? I know where to get the mebed code but not how to embed it in the Twinspace!:) Thanks a lot!
Our Celebration Padlet. Liceo Touschek-Italy

 Dear partners. 

here is the link to our padlet containing our Celebrations activities, as proposed by Marie-Hélène.

You will find podcasts, videos, drawings and PPt presentations. The aim is to show you how we celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

The mistakes haven't been corrected as the students implemented the activities autonomously.

Thank you for watching

Maria Rosaria



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