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Dear friends, here is the padlet with the introductions of all the Italian students. Read through the different walls and decide if you want to get in touch to one of them using the wall you have at your disposal in the twinspace. Don't forget that, if you want to see it, you have to digit the password, which is "protect"


Our School IISS Mottura -Caltanissetta- Sicily- Italy





Thank you so much ::::::))))) Fabuous to meet all your students dear friends!:)

Marie Hélène


At last, here is our presentation.



Better late than never.

I'm really sorry it took so long...



Stéphanie Pigny



Thank you so muchStephanie ::::)))))))))))

Have a great week!:)

Marie H








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Dear friends,

My students are preparing an ebook with 3 facts for each of them, one of which is false.

Your students will be able to discover them in a fun way.

I'll add the link to the ebook as soon as it's published:)


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Hello Marie,
How funny, my students are also preparing a 2 truths and 1 lie introduction!


Posted on 18/09/13 10:27.

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Great!!!! emoticon

Posted on 18/09/13 13:58 in reply to stephanie pigny.

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Please share them with us!!!emoticon

Posted on 05/11/13 15:03 in reply to stephanie pigny.

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Dear friends,

It would be nice if our students could discover each other in a fun way: through games / thanks to clues / via innovative & engaging ways.

You can use this Pad to get some ideas about flipping our presentations!

presentation padlet

Looking forward to hearing from you all!



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