The Cooking Carrousel


The Cooking Carrousel - Let's cook around Europe!


The idea is very simple: Each nations receives an ingredient (or two) from a country and sends one (or two) to another country as shown in The Cooking Carrousel below.



Only basic information on the provided ingredient will be given to the receiving party - such as 'needs cooking' or 'can be used cooked or raw'. But the typical way of using the ingredient in a dish (if there is a typical way /dish) in the country that sends must be kept secret .


The classes then have to consider, plan and cook a unique new dish (or more than one) with the 'foreign'

ingredient(s). This process is documented in the wiki below.


Have a look at the 'What's cooking' page for more detailed information on this task.


And now, have your pot and pans ready, heat the hob and get cooking! 


Please note:

Visitors of this Twinspace who are not members of our project only have limited access to its content. The German results for example are not being displayed to the public out of consideration for students' privacy and due to copyright issues. Therefore, also the Cooking Carrousel wiki, which is mentioned above, will not be visible for you unless you are a registered member of this Twinspace.


Parts of the Cooking Carrousel wiki, however, can also be found on the pages of the nations that agreed to the publication.


Thanks for your understanding!