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Here some pictures of the wonderful mobility of the 25 pupils and 3 teachers from LdV school in London visiting their parten CJS school in Romford and so wonderful place in the City of London!






Children mobilities

great challenge - great opportunity

Tips and tricks from pur experiences


 TIPS and TRICKS for a safe and fruitful mobility

Whole classes or groups of students moving to visit their partners


  1. Planning before
  2. Have the children and families involved since the very beginning
  3. Have close contacts between twinned classes: meeting will be a part of the common work made by pupils in the project
  4. Have very close contacts and exchanges among teachers before the trip. Any question or mail should get a reply within 2 days, especially during the organization phase
  5. Plan carefully dates, considering: holidays, exams, school fairs and overall the possibility for pupils to include the trip in their school curriculum.
  6. A Comenius meeting can’t be a holiday trip. It should be a part of the Comenius project activities for pupils They should be able to go back to school and involve the whole school community,  telling,  reporting, showing..
  7. Prepare jointly a detailed agenda of the pupil activities during the trip. Activities should be related with the project topics and do not forget the pupils love also staying in the partner schools, sharing classrooms and lessons.
  8. Clear division of tasks among teachers and schools: who is going to do what
  9. Do not hesitate to ask  ( and to offer!) for cooperation
    • Hosting schools can more easily check accommodations for partners and send feedbacks about position in the city, easy access, suitable for children
    • Organizing meals for a great number of children can be impossible arriving in a new city. Hosting schools can either offer/ organize lunches in the school canteen and /or help in finding a catering service or a cheap restaurant
  10. A written agreement on costs during the mobility
    • Which costs will be covered by hosting school and which ones by the hosted school
    • Means of payment ( credit cards/ bank transfer)
    • Prepare a detailed list with all the costs in charge of each schools and in charge of the families
    • Check twice each day schedule, being sure that all the possible costs are covered
  11. Involve in all decisions school authorities, school council, headteachers, teachers  council.
  12. Check insurance covers for pupils travelling and for pupils and teachers hosted in the school
  13. Documents:
    • All European children should have their own passport/ identity card
    • Pay attention to immigrants/ migrants/ non UE pupils and prepare well in advance their documents
    • Have always a complete list of all the participants with complete personal data to share with hosting school, also for insurance
    • Remember that Comenius budget covers mobilities only for pupils and staff of the partner schools
    • Check with your National Agency special cases ( Special needs children accompaniers)
  14. Organize well in advance meetings with parents giving them all the news they want and detailed program of the trip
  15. Health problems: teachers should know any possible problems for children and prepare with parents a form where indicate allergies, medicines, etc. Keep with you simple medicines and the names of the active principle
  16. Agree with parents time and modality of contacts ( hundreds of cell phones during a visit can be quite annoying!) A Skype videoconference can easily arranged to calm down parents anxiety
  17. Plan a common activities to carry on with the two groups and a common product for the project : a common guide, a video, a booklet, a poster..
  18. Plan also how to report : individual diaries, common booklets, photoalbum, videos..
  19. Think also to involve local authorities/ press/ school authorities in welcoming European friends
  20. Last but not least.. Enjoy the experience: it will be something that your pupils and yourself won’t forget!


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Great table of contents this is.
There is no way of being caught in something thoroughly unexpected....following these wise and well-put instructions!

Thank you!
Susanna Serpe

Posted on 23/05/13 17:32.

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There is always a way to get in trouble, Susanna.. believe me.. but we can do it with our friends!

Posted on 23/05/13 17:58 in reply to Susanna Serpe.

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