11.- Job Oportunities

Task 2: Presentation Possible Year 2 Task 2 MEETING ALICANTE


Presentation of the individual research of job opportunities in own country and compare it with the opportunities in other countries. They will present in a conference and an exhibition.



Arts & Humanities – Science – Social Science - Health



Students learn about the current European job market and learn how their specific qualities and skills can help them become succesfull participants on this job market.



- Student collects data in a personal portfolio

- In this portfolio should be:

- Student fill out parts of the Europass CV (see task 1 Year 2 Rees)

- Student researches job opportunities in their own countries**

- Student adds activities about searching for work to portfolio (interview or visit of company or…)

- Student brings example of an advertisement of a job that he/she would like to do. (copy-paste and in print)

- Student bring example of job application (of their own country) to Alicante (copy-paste and in print)




During the exchange

First day

- Workshop ‘How to give and receive feedback’

- In topic group: Each student will give a formal presentation of the individual reseach of job opportunities in their own country.

 The student uses the portfolio to present the information.

 The students give feedback to their colleagues.

- Students improve their Europass CV.

- **The students will exchange their information in their topic groups in order to see in which of the participating countries they have the best job opportunity.

- What are the differences between the countries in working conditions.

* Income (wages / foodcheques/ bonus system/ shares)

* Are there differences between women/men

- Living standards at the beginning of job (think of housing/food/taxes)

- Living standards that you can reach (based upon this income)

                     - Personal development

                     * Professional development

                     - Working hours

                     - Career opportunities

- ‘French benefits’ (laptop/ car/ childcare / appartments / …)

                     - Holidays

                     - employment

 Working map….- Students work on ‘working’ map of Europe.

Research in their own countries and abroad for creating a European map showing the job opportunities for different university degrees.



- The students present what is the top 3 of countries according to them.

- Game to help the students getting to know their qualities and skills.



- Activity: Roleplay of job interview

No preparation necessary

– use of advertisement

- How do I present myself  focus on qualities

- Students improve their skills and qualities in Europass CV

Students visit international business.



Then…Conference Day


1. Welcome to the experts and officials (and press).

2. Presentation of ‘Working map of Europe’ in a press conference.

3. Informal discussion with the visiting students.

4. Formal reflection on how the project supports the students in their search in current European labour market




Topics of study

Arts & Humanities

- Antiquity

- Art History

- History

- Linguistics

- Literature

- Music theory

- Philosophy

- Religious Studies

- Theatre, Film and Media Studies

- Women’s and Gender Studies

- Music Performing


- Biology

- Biomedical Science

- Cognitive Science

- Computational Science

- Earth and Environmental science

- Life Science

- Mathematics

- Physics

- pre-medical program

Social Science

- Anthropology

- Economics

- Global studies / human geography

- International relations

- Law


- Political Science

- Psychology

- Sociology





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