0. Links to Project Outcomes

Eratosthenes eTwinning projects take place on a calendar year (January 2013-December 2013) as they refer to astronomical events. The links refer to the school year (September 2012-June 2013) and include the activities of the previous year (September 2012-December 2012), but can not yet mention cativités of the next school year (September 2013 to December 2013)

Videoconference on Youtube:

March 2013 (english) : http://youtu.be/zF7HajCBN5s

Mars 2013 (français) : http://youtu.be/OzgAuGDhflM

Mars 2013 (français) : http://youtu.be/-MwsSODf2IM

February 2013 (science fair in Ghaziabad India) : http://youtu.be/PuPGGxgKr08

December 2012 (Solstice Asian meeting) : http://youtu.be/sn1-NFn9zHM

October 2012 (global Junior Challenge Rome) : http://youtu.be/XmAiEA4V8YM

September 2012 (Science fair in Yamunanagar India) : http://youtu.be/OpyZ1J8xNq0

August 2012 (Feria de ciencia in Argentina): http://youtu.be/V_gxQmh0Qqk

June 2012 : http://youtu.be/2HH_1WrplmA

Website : http://www.eratosthenes.eu

Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/Eratos/.

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