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Medvode (SLOVENIA)

Our school is suburban, situated near the capital of Ljubljana.  However, the area of Medvode had a strong industry not long ago. It employed many people who came from former republics of Yugoslavia. They still have lower education and lower social status. On the other hand, we have many students from rural environment. They are also socially weaker.
Our teachers and pupils want to be engaged in European family. Through this project we are particularly encouraged by students' enthusiasm for research, science and experiments. We wish to encourage the exploration and interpretation of natural phenomena, and inspire them as much as possible to continue their studies in science engineering disciplines.


Lafrançaise (FRANCE)

Our college is located in a rural town of about 3,000 inhabitants in south-western France. The social, cultural and professional difficulties of the families of this region generate a significant educational deficit, highlighted by the national assessments in math and French. A certain fatalism has settled and a real lack of ambition of the families for their children engenders little desire to move towards long-term studies. The college has 400 students, the languages taught are English, Spanish, Italian and an introduction to the regional language Occitan.
The axes of the educational project of the school are:

  1. Increase ,even modestly, the social promotion,, helping students, families and teachers to enroll in a counseling and informed choice.
  2.  Use new technologies across the institution.
  3.  Working with the student's ability to succeed, to acquire the common base, recognizing, accompanying and intensifying the work of individual pupils in and outside the classroom
  4. A  cultural opening and educational activities, to health and citizenship complement our school project.

It can be seen that the eTwinning project fully meets the goals and ambitions that we set with the school project. It is hoped:

  1.  That linking with students from different European countries our students come out of their cultural isolation
  2.  That scientific activities , put them into questioning and thinking beyond school hours
  3.  That they give meaning to learning and they build the answers to their questions
  4.  That students acquire skills in using new media.
  5.  That students choose an orientation towards scientific studies


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