Creating Didactic Web Games

The product of the maths project "La Habitation de Fermat was made by Spanish Teachers

Francisco Javier Martin Ortiz -IES HUMANES, Humanes de Madrid, Spain and

Jose Maria Gallego Alonso-Colmenares -C.E.P.A. El buen gobernador, Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain

and is a maths and science didactic video web game

Romanian Team have an important contribution at translation maths exercisses from Spanish to English

(the exercisses from the riddle store) also at giving the correct solutions and create a Maths Booklet,

4 Videos (Maths Video Tutorial with 4 maths Thematics - Logarithms, Quadratic Functions,

Quadratic Ecuations,  Square Root ) and create our own Project web-site

(Teachers Lucia Gutu and Angela Oprisor)

A part of all contents will present here (contains maths exercisses with a code to enter the next exercisse

and also some science (physics and IT&C) exercisses as planned on different steps and hints Activities

The video game means Spanish version 7 levels, English version first and second level is with time counter

with codes for continuing and all the didactic game have sound track and music (this made and compose

by spanish pupils- as their contribution on the product)

The spanish pupils together with romanian pupils play the game, resolve maths exercisses, they did the

planned science activities with their report and proove documents, made the english translations,

communicate and change ideas and files between them

From their opinions it seems that was a very interesting didactic way of learning by playing together

We will present here some details and aspects from the video game - some images and for each the link

which goes on game

 Samos Tunnel                                                                          Pista 1



Brachistocrona(5 steps)

 Step 1                                                                                          Step 4



Video Game - English version - Level 1 


Exercise 1                                                                                     Exercise 2


 Exercise 3                                                                                    Exercise 4



Creating own Fermat Room in gif image




 Maths Exercises Store                                                             Geometry Exercises



Soundtrack of the Video Game


 Project Web                                                                                Web Game Spanish Version



Maths Book

Square Root


Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Functions


Page realized by Teachers Lucia Gutu, Angela Oprisor