Easter Activities 2013-



is awarded by The National Support Service. We have received a Quality label. We are very happy!

I am very pleased to have received the Quality Label by the project  

Easter Activities 2013

Thanks to my lovely and great partners


Hi, friends,

I fInally got a Quality label!!!!


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gif webcam
gif webcam

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 Is it possible that we can get european quality label together?



Dear collegues,

i will apply for quality label from my desktop for this project.i want to suggest you to apply for it as well.because if at least two of us can get it,we will able to get "e"uropean quality label"

whats is your opinion?will you also apply like me?





Easter crafts
83rd Primary School Elin Pelin BULGARIA - school exhibition
Thank you!
Exchange of presents by Irena Raykova on PhotoPeach
has any partner joined the euro competıtıon?


Dear friends,

 I wonder has anypartner applied the followıng lınk so that our project can be a candidate? Let me know please,Unluckly I missed the deadline.

If any of you has applied ,let's make our project detailed with our kiids activities.

All the best

Aysel Durmuş

summer holidays

 Dear friends,

thank you for this year's journey . It was fantastic .

My students and I enjoyed every single task , we learned a lot, had fun

and  cooperated in a satisfying way. Thank you all for the experience.

Have good summer holidays. Enjoy  the sun and the sea .

See you again !!!!!




Hi everyone who tried to connect with us today. Unfortunately we couldn't join in one video conversation but we connect in pairs. Some connections were not very good because of the speed of the Internet. I have a very good connection with Xenia. We saw each other and the kids could see and sang songs. I hope in the future to connect again because my kids were very excited today. We were happy all the day. Our Internet at school is not very fast at speed but my colleague lend me her laptop and thanks to her we connected. Have a nice week and thank you for being so correct and wonderful today. Thank you!!!!





to Maria

My dear friend,

Thank you so much for the amazing swallows!

Love to you and to your students!

Irena and 3b class



 My kids decorated  eggs for easter celebration. We hid the eggs in the playground  and  the kids found them The most eggs founder is the KING of the easter.
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Photo Cube HELLO DEAR PROJECT PARTNERS, We are a British Culture Kids Aloud Nursery school aged 2-6 years old.We have many activities to share .One of them is The Easter Activities.We are a bilongual school so my kids do the activities in English. All the best Aysel Durmus Photo
Photo Cube

Thank you, dear friends!

 Specially for our Romanian friends and their teacher Marilena! Thanks!


our presents from our friends

Photo Cube
83rd Primary School Elin Pelin BULGARIA Easter eggs
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to Xenia

Dear friend, thank you for your present! Our letter will reach you soon, too.



 We had a big surprise today - a letter from Greese! Thank you, dear Xenia, thank you, dear friends!


83rd Primary School Elin Pelin BULGARIA
Easter activities 2013 on PhotoPeach
83rd Primary School Elin Pelin BULGARIA Easter eggs hunt
Easter Activities 2013 on PhotoPeach
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