Our final task deals with what you hope and wish for in your future!


There will be an online flipbook with the results from all countries.


How did you accomplish the task? Report here!



In March we asked small groups of students from year 8 and 9 to think about their future. They had to think about three stages in life and compare them (childhood, adolescence and adulthood). Then we had pictures of different attitudes towards the future: dreams, concrete planes, bleak outlook, no perspective. Our students could talk about their feelings and visions and express their viewpoint. They then wrote wishes and hopes in speech bubbles and put them up on posters. Our COMENIUS students Caroline, Lydia, Marieke and Lara looked at all these wishes and grouped them according to the themes. Then they thought of photo motives to illustrate the hopes. we took pictures and put them in a word document.









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