After the project: Evaluation


Project evaluation: Tools

These tools can be used to evaluate collaborative projects (or parts of projects): 


Feedback tools


- Answergarden

Create a question, give the link to the participants and see how their answers create a word cloud! Easy to export and share (although not iPad friendly!).


- Padlet (Wallwisher)

Build a virtual wall where people can stick notes on.




Voting tools


- Dotvoting

Give a link with different ideas/opinions etc. to your participants and have them stick virtual dots to their choice.


- Polldaddy

Create surveys, polls and quizzes.




Survey tools


- Survey Monkey

Create surveys, different types of questions and design templates. Easy to export.


- Google Docs Forms

Use Google Docs to create survey forms.



Project evaluation: MICE-T

MICE-T is a former Comenius project aimed at the subject of evaluation of collaborative projects in european schools. The project's output has been an extensive set of tools that can be used to evaluate european projects including eTwinning projects.



You can find the project website including templates for different (self-) assesment levels here.

Project evaluation: rubrics

One way to evaluate pupils' achievements in projects are rubrics. You can use the same rubrics as your colleagues in your partner schools to have comparable results.

An example for a rubric (click to enlarge):


Other examples for rubrics used by teachers can be found here.


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