A feedback from Slovakia

Hi girls,

you are all very enthusiastics and so incredibly energetic, thank you so much for all cooperation. It was motivating especially for me. My students were little bit younger but they did their best and I think 1 task a month was a good choice. I will keep my fingers crossed for you in the future anyway it seems this is my last school year, I ´m starting in new job next this July. It was a pleasure to cooperate with you all. Thank you so much.



A few words from WALES

Hello everybody!

I would like to thank you all for working with us on this project - it has been great fun for my pupils and indeed ME! As you all know - the boys have challenging behaviour and some learning difficulties but I feel that this project has proved that they can work along side your pupils and give to the best of their abilities!!!

The motivational aspect has been great! They have been fully engaged in every activity and could not wait to complete the story!

Like yourselves, we feel that our ICT skills have improved and we have had a lot of fun along the way!

Thank you all for working with us - it would be great to meet one day and hopefully we could work on another project soon??????

Ruth (Velindre Community School, WALES)


A few words from the Czech Republic

Dear partners, dear friends,


I realize I was incredibly lucky having found so amazing partners to me and my students. It was really the unforgettable experience to work with you, to look for some new information, to learn about your countries and your traditions, school systems, to learn how TwinSpace works. Especially at Christmas time, when we got your Christmas cards, the evidence that our project partners live somewhere in Europe and think of us - and we could hold the cards in our hands and display them at our school... We are so proud that thanks to our eTwinning project we have met a lot of international friends - I mean YOU:)

And I hope that all of you, my friends,  agree that Alicja is the best project leader we could have ever wished.

We appreciate your coordinator´s work, Alicja!!! You have done good job, indeed!

Dear friend Alicja, on behalf of all the partners thank you very much for your cooperation, we are looking forward to our future collaboration. And who knows, maybe we will get a chance to meet each other and give hugs and shake our hands ...

Take care


A few sentences from Poland...

 This project has been my first one ever and I'm proud of both myself and my partners - it turned out that we've made a splendid international team!. Now my eTwinning pupils and I are preparing a presentation of the project for all the teachers and students in our school, so we watch each presentation carefully again and have a huge problem: we don't know what to choose!!! (showing each one would last too long, you know...) . They are all really fantastic! You... we (!) did an excellent job!


When I was planning the project, my main aim was MOTIVATION: I wanted to motivate my students to work and make them like English an learning more. And I succeeded!  Now my students are highly motivated to do another project next year - this time they want to talk about food, they are going to cook and eat a lot (BY THE WAY, WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN US???). I'm proud of my teenage learners because they did all the tasks on their own - sometimes they made mistakes, but it was THEIR work! They've also developed their ICT skills a lot! Can you imagine that the list of attendance in our eTwinning Club was always fully completed?! That's a miracle!


Any weak points?... Maybe it was too long because not all of us managed to fulfill all the tasks. 


I would like to thank Lucie for being the best partner-founder I could ever have. And I thank you all, my dearest partners, for this fantastic adventure!


This is the end...

Hi, my dearest Partners!

As you can see, I've added this page to share my feelings after finishing the project. I will be glad if you also write a few words...

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