Coco Rico

Coco Rico 


Here is our friend Coco Rico! 


We chose Coco because the rooster represents France abroad. 

Jules Cesar, the Roman Emperor, used to compare the Gauls with roosters because they were brave and defended well thier country, as a rooster protects his hens.



Here you have Coco Rico, our best friend.

Coco discovers Spain.

Coco reads a book about animals farm.

Coco and his little friend Poupou learn how to read hours.

Coco signed his passeport.

Coco will travel with Poupou who likes adventures.

Yassine and Assia teached English to Coco, in order to understand you.

 Poupou is very fragile, take care of him !                      Coco is very tired. He will have a rest before travelling.