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How Athens got its name (VARIATION)

 Dear friends,
A very good colleague Ms. Helen Roumpani organized a variation of the myth of Athena and Poseidon with students of my class. The effort was made during the course of theater education in our school.

Deserves to be seen. 


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Very good! So in this version the gods and not the people voted for the name?

Thank you Paola. As we said, this is a variation and besides that, we had to find roles for all of our students. So Helen and I thought this development.
Anyway in ancient Greece (the same in Rome I believe) the gods put a hand everywhere emoticon

Posted on 23/05/13 22:00.

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Great video and thrilling work with the pupils, Christos!
I really enjoyed watching it..I will borrow it for next year's Year3 class...

Did they actually make what we call mimed scene?
Or did they actually act it all out and you decided where to "stop"the action in the main point of it?

Thank you!!

Posted on 26/05/13 15:46.

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Susanna Thank you for your kind words
Actually what you saw is a role playing game where children try with minimal materials (daily and casual) to present their vision of the role-god. Something like pantomime where in some places stopped the progress of the case to take the pictures.

Posted on 27/05/13 11:12 in reply to Susanna Serpe.

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