Myths and Legends

The legend of Rome

 I bambini della sez. H scuola dell'infanzia raccontano e disegnano la storia di Roma.

The children of the sect. H kindergarten tell and draw the history of Rome.

END OF YEAR SCHOOL FAIR Aloe vera in pots

This is our end of year activity!

It involves a great amount of energy on the part of both teachers and parents as weel as on the pupils' part.

They all share the ideas, the means and the final production and sale in the FAIR which will be held on SATURDAY June 1st 2013 in the main building in via Ferraironi.

Preparing artworks, handmade jewellery, homemade cakes and food of all kinds.

Among the activities, one can be generally shared by the classes:

plants potting

There are several kind of them, many belonging to the tradional local species, but some drawn from other parts of the world, like ALOE VERA!

The Year 2 section A of the Balzani school is presently working at this!

Have a look at the pictures in the folder of the  IC Ferraironi

How Athens got its name (VARIATION)

 Dear friends,
A very good colleague Ms. Helen Roumpani organized a variation of the myth of Athena and Poseidon with students of my class. The effort was made during the course of theater education in our school.

Deserves to be seen. 


Europa and the bull

 Here in digital book version


Dear friends,
Some of the many myths and stories we find in Greece are the following.
These are just the beginning
We will come back with something even better ...



Romolo and Remo

 This a poem by a modern Italian writer where he pretends Romulus and Remus discuss on how they want to name the new city of Rome. Remus suggests all names of actual cities.. but at the end Romulus wins. It' a joke, but we had a lot of fun with it


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