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Dunant-Song (MP3)

Kleine Kinder, große Kinder
treffen sich in diesem Haus.
Kinder, die was lernen wollen.
Wir machen ein Lied daraus.

Wenn Ihr Euch fragt: Wo steht das Haus?
Kommt doch mal nach Steglitz raus!
Dort ist uns're supercoole,
stadtbekannte Dunant-Schule.

Do Re Mi und Ching Chang Chong
Singt mit uns den Dunant-Song!
Eins, Zwei, Drei und Lutschbonbon.
Wir singen im Chor den Dunant-Song.


Los niños pequeños, los niños grandes
todo entra en esta casa.
Los niños que quieren aprender.
Hacemos una canción de ella.

Pregunto: ¿Dónde está la casa?
Vamos vez en Steglitz fuera!
No es la maravilla,
muy famosa escuela Dunant.

Do Re Mi Ching Chang Chong
Canta con nosotros canción Dunant!
Uno, Dos, Tres y lollipops.
En coro cantamos la canción de Dunant.


Little children and big kids
they all meet in this house.
Children who want to learn.
Come, let us make a song of it.

If you wonder: Where is the house?
Come now time to Steglitz out!
There is our super cool,
famous, well-known Dunant school.

Do Re Mi Ching Chang Chong
Sing with us Dunant song!
One, Two, Three and Lollypop.
In chorus we sing the song Dunant.

Pupils of the Dunant-Grundschule introduce their school


In our classroom we learn. You must always have your pencil case on
your table.


When we have arrived at school, we hang up our coats or jackets and
put our shoes into the pigeonholes. The hall must always be tidy.


In our school playground we play catch, hide and seek or football. The
girls get skipping ropes.


Ms Kelker and Mrs Hammerschmidt are in the office. If you have hurt
yourself you go to see Ms Kelker.


For me dancing is important. In our multi-purpose room or assembly hall
we have many different events, sometimes even concerts.


In our computer room there are 15 computers.


In “Lebenskunde” (humanistic ethics) we play games.


The gym is great because we can play football, laugh and play lots of things.


We play in the “Sonneninsel”. We also go out to the school playground.
Afterwards we have  the next lesson.