A gift to our friends

Students of Nea Karya Primary School used the historical records that were sent as a gift to them from Ctalonian partners in the end of the 1st year and created a short video for them. These historical records were the motivaton for selecting the topic: "My school in the past, in the present, in the future".  of the 2nd year. 

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The board of our game
Collaborative board game of history

For creating a board game in common we selected a board and divided it in 4 parts. Students from each school worked in groups in order to paint and decorate their part of the board of the game and their question cards. The questions are related with historical events of local or school history of each partner. The game is a fictious travel in space and time through which students increase their knowledge in history of the participating countries with funny way. Here are some photos during their work, our board and our question cards. 






* The song that sounds during the pics of the schools from Greece is Odysseus Elytis'

 poem called "Cicadas". 

Details for the Greek poet:

You can watch a video with the poem translated in English

Here are the rules of the game. The Greek Primary School of London will translate them in English.


Όνομα παιιχνιδιού: Ιστοριο - παιχνιδίσματα



1. Το παιχνίδι παίζεται από 2 – 6 παίχτες ή ομάδες παιχτών.

2. Όλοι οι παίχτες τοποθετούν αρχικά τα πιόνια τους στην αφετηρία, ενώ τοποθετούν τις κάρτες των ερωτήσεων με την πίσω όψη προς τα πάνω, δηλαδή ανάποδα.

3. Οι παίχτες ρίχνουν το ζάρι και ξεκινά αυτός που θα φέρει τον μεγαλύτερο αριθμό.

4.  Ο κάθε παίχτης πρέπει να απαντήσει σε μία ερώτηση της χώρας στην οποία βρίσκεται το πιόνι του. Αν απαντήσει σωστά συνεχίζει. Αν όχι, χάνει τη σειρά του. Τις ερωτήσεις του τις διαβάζουν οι αντίπαλοι. Για να έχει το δικαίωμα να συνεχίσει, όταν θα έρθει ξανά η σειρά του, πρέπει να απαντήσει σωστά σε μία άλλη ερώτηση, αλλιώς χάνει πάλι τη σειρά του.

5. Νικητής του παιχνιδιού είναι αυτός που θα φτάσει πρώτος στον τερματισμό, τελειώνοντας πρώτος το ταξίδι του στις χώρες και στην ιστορία. 



 The Greek Primary School of London have translated the rules of the game in English.



History Games




1.     This game is played by 2 – 6 players or by teams.


2.     All players must place their pawns in the start point of the game-board, while they place the question-cards upside down.


3.     The players throw the dice and the one with the largest number begins first.


4.     Each player must answer in one question on the country it is on. If he answers correctly he/she continues. If he fails, he loses his turn. The questions are read by the opponents. Each player should answer at least one question to have the right to continue playing. Otherwise he loses his turn again.


5.     The winner of the game is the one who will make it to the end, by completing first his journey on  the different countries and their history.








 During our last online meeting all the partners played the game in real time!!!!!


The last online meeting - playing of the collaborative game on PhotoPeach

An overview of the 2nd year activities of our project

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Online meetings of the 2nd year

 The communication between partners of the project relied on online meeting via ooVoo. Several online meetings took place through the 2nd year of the project. During several meetings students of different grades of Nea Karya Primary School of Greece and Greek Primary School of London get know each other enriching the bonds of friendship between the two schools.   


Online Meetings during the 2nd year of the project on PhotoPeach

Presentations of the project

 The Schools of Greece (Perni Primary School and Nea Karya Primary School) preseted our project during an event to the other Greek Schools of their region. Here are the ppt that they created for that purpose:


Happy Sumer!!!

 Students and teachers of Nea Karya Primary School of Greece wish to all of you to have a:


A Historical Overview of Carnival Customs around the world

 During one of the online meeting of the partners it was decided partners to work in common in order to present the Carnival Customs of the world. For that purpose used the collaborative tool of prezi and vared other softhwares and created in comon the presentation below: 

The collaborative activity of the "ideal school"

Each one of our teams, after having presenting the history of their school, they had to collaborate in order to imagine and present the "ideal school". At first they had exchanged ideas through "MeetingWords" (a web 2.0 tool), they drawn it (in hand or using the PC) and finally they made a presentation, one for each team, in prezi showing to us their ideas. After that they voted for their favorite presentation using a tool of google. Here are the presentations and the results of the voting.








 Here are the results. Congradulations to all teams!!! 






Nea Karya Primary School, Greece


Our best wishes to all of you!!!



Whishes from Greece to all of you!!!

The first activity of the second year of the project.

Working to Present Ourselves to Our Peers on PhotoPeach


Pupils from each school have divided in four groups (The Explorers, The Adventurers, The Historians and The Travelers). In order the members of each team to introduce themselves to their peers they used a web 2.0 tool called “Voki”. Below are the presentations that pupils have created: 


 The Explorers’ Group

Greece - Nea Karya Primary School                                             Greece - Primary School of Perni



Italy - Ugo Foscolo


The Historians' Group

Greece - Nea Karya Primary School                                             Greece - Primary School of Perni




Italy - Ugo Foscolo




The Travelers' Group


Greece - Nea Karya Primary School    Greece - Primary School of Perni



Italy - Ugo Foscolo                                                    



The Advendurers' Group

Greece - Nea Karya Primary School    Greece - Primary School of Perni






Italy - Ugo Foscolo                                              


Second Year of the Project
The eTwinning project "The Young Time Travelers of History" continues for a second school year with new partners and more demanding activities. Also it aims to the collaboration of students and teachers of Greek origin from different European countries, since among to the partners of the project are the official Greek School of London of United Kigdom, Ugo Foscolo, of Pavullo nel Frignano, from Italy , with teacher of Greek origin, and the Elementary School of Perni from Greece. The project aims students to handle creatively issues of local history, producing collaborative tasks and working cooperatively in heterogeneous teams with members from all of partner schools.

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Greek National Label for the school year 2012 - 2013

All students and teachers' efforts involved in our eTwinning project: "The young time travelers of History" rewarded since it has been granted with the "Quality Label" by the National Support Service (NSS) of Greece after evaluation as far as it concerns the pedagogical innovation and creativity, the integration in the curriculum, the collaboration between schools - partners , the use of technology and the benefits derived from it. Students full of joy received their awards and they are ready for even more creative year!

Congratulations to all !!!

 Students and teacher of Greek Schools of the 1st year of our project presented the eTwinning project to the local community orginising a great event. Click here and here to see more... 

Second year of the project!

 The activities for the second year have already started!


We are very glad that new partners have joined our project. 


Here are some of our new activities:


  • presentation of history of each partners school.
  • use of creative thinking techniques in teaching of history.
  • collaborative activities among students from all of schools using the ITC in creatively way.


The project under the view of students - Nea Karya Primary School, (Greece)
Students of Nea Karya Primary School present a short video that shows how they have worked for this project. The journey was fantastic and full of new experiences!!!

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"The young time travelers of history"

If you wish to learn more about our project, visit this site:


There you can find all the material of our activities.


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